⚖ Hero Balance Discussion: Zulag

So use her in a double formation and she does everything you’re looking for?

I agree she’s underwhelming, but know many have used her with success.


I wasn’t thrilled getting her as my first hotm ever but been using as a tank in vf wars with alot of success … doubles formations seeing more and more of her … just wish they’d have given a better innate ability rather then sand damage… immunity to buff dispelling would be great but may be op… no mana blockage like nieth would be an nice balance anything but sand damage lol

Would like them to fix norns on defense as well sigh…

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Look on the bright side, despite being dark and summoning dinky little minions she has little to fear from Uraeus.

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Aside from the 485% hit lol

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Well… yeah, that… but she does have that very solid defence buff (if she fires first).

Greetings to everyone. This will be the first topic I open in this forum. I am preparing this message with a translation, and I seek forgiveness from everyone.zulag needs a boost in my opinion. It’s really interesting that nothing is done for zulag when almost every hero in the game is empowered.While the zulag only heals itself and its surroundings, it also has a buff against special abilities, but these can be cleared.And without forgetting, she summons a 75 HP minion to the dark heroes.The 4-star kashrek in the game gives herself and around health buffs, while leaving zulag so passive makes her incredibly useless.

If it comes to me, at least when the zulag’s health boost is given to herself and her surroundings, if the amount of hp she gives exceeds the maximum health, it will be added to the hero.
In summary, zulag can at least be made like kashrek and that might make it more useful.


HOTM do not suppose to be that relevant and she was an ok tank a while ago, She was annoying on the old double formation as a center hero for the high defense for special skill and healing.
I really think that she will be upgraded when a costume is given to her and maybe over healing will be added for a lower skill defense


I was preparing to bring Zulag up while the center of the 3-2 & 2-3 formations was allowed to cast the special to everyone…and then of course SGG took that ability away.

Fed her once they removed that ability for those formations.

If you are going to create self and nearby buffers who operate at Average speed, then those buffs need to be really amazing to justify them. Otherwise you end up with Zulag, Ares, and to a lesser degree, Sif…largely pointless heroes.

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All those heroes are pretty good on offense and Sif still is deadly on defense. Why judge a character based on defense only?


how is zulag good in attack.what? No my freinds
Each hero’s evaluation criteria are different. If you notice, I made the zulag comparison with the 4-star kashrek. There are areste similar to him with 5 stars. Even before comparing with him, he is weaker than zulag kashrek. when evaluating a hero, you should look at the heroes similar to him and what they do. don’t just look at the attack or defense side.

ı hope so my freinds

after the new heroes their abilities became so passive. i agree with you my friend

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Sif is absolutely amazing on offense. If opponent has multihitters she single handedly kills them all and she and her nearby heroes don’t even die there. Against passive/sniper teams she’s not the greatest pick though. And Zulag is garbage.

Different criteria that you and I use for offensive heroes. For me Zulag and Ares are pointless even on offense, I don’t have Sif and I can concede that she is much better than the other two, but I still have better options I would use over her even if I had her. Odin to deal direct damage and to buff mana gen for all allies, Mica to buff mana gen for all allies and to provide defense, and G. Gazelle to buff attack, reduce damage, and to cleanse all ailments for all allies, all at the same speed as Sif.

I guess you don’t like counterattack. For me Sif is amazing on offense. Mica is great for survivability, but he doesn’t provide any offensive damage. Odin and Gazelle are A/A+ heroes but they do different things. Shrug. Ares and Zulag are forever 1/1 for me, but I can still see their use. Zulag will keep herself and two others alive…my problem with her (and Ares) is that she doesn’t help the whole team, but still, VERY useable.

But if you didn’t have Odin, Mica or G. Gazelle, what would you do then? For example, I don’t have any of them, or Sif either, even though I’ve been playing for three years now and have spent more than a bit. Which one would I like best if I were able to choose? That’s a difficult question, but Sif would be further up the list than Mica for a start. Each to their own, as you say. (I haven’t levelled Zulag either, but maybe if my roster were different she’d fill a niche.)

That’s fair to like Sif more than Mica, I just prefer him from an offensive standpoint due to his ability to very quickly deploy his buff to all allies, even if the first stage is only 2 turns and isn’t a huge defense or mana gen buff, it is still happening at Very Fast (roughly).

I realize everyone has different rosters, but it is fair to say that Zulag isn’t exactly a fan favorite. Neither you or Duke have levelled her, and I fed her away. Haven’t met too many people (any?) that are high on her. That said, if I didn’t have a 5* healer then sure, I would use Zulag. She isn’t useless after all, just not hugely useful in her current format.


I dunno I run zulag as tank in war and regularly she stops from getting 1 shotted… but her passive ability and elemental link is a joke…for offense… I’ll use her in war attacks to buff weaker heros beside her but that’s pretty rare…

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Please buff Zulag and get her off the bench - make her more relevant in the game today

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