⚖ Hero Balance Discussion: Zocc

He gives free mana though. On a good green board you may be able to Chain the mindless attacks. But playing like this does not get you high points, only ensures you survivability.

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To your other point… for some of us pulling Zocc is waaayyyyyyy easier than pulling Hansel (2 years in, Hansel count = 0)

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Really? Played since 2018 and I have 2 Hansels, both maxed but only one emblemed. But the listed odds should say that Hansel is much easier to pull than the 1.3% of HOTM Zocc.

Oooopppp… forget that. Game gave me 3 Zoccs in just 30 days of his release than the 2 Hansels given to me in several Grimforest events for the past 2+ years.

Statistically I think I should have had a Hansel by now. At 6% pull chance (I think it might be a bit higher) it should only take 38 pulls to have over >90% chance of success. But I think at around 40 pulls (very wild guess) I have still failed

My Zocc is at 4-75 and I used him in couple of wars already with much success. My trick is to put him next to Brynhild. So, after the first charge, he is practically fast till the end of the battle. And gives a lot of control of what’s going on in the battle. Me happy with him, as he is. :slight_smile:


His mindless attack is feeble.

Tell it to ninjas. Zocc is way more useful against all of them.

Tell what to whom now?

Errr… Whatever your poison is, man

I think Rillian’s point was that Zocc’s total emptying of mana is generally more useful against ninjas than Hansel’s half-drop, which I agree with.


Yes. Hansel cannot empty Cobalt from x2 to ground, while Zocc does it easily. Even on 3/70 he saved me many times against them.

And he is brilliant for Ninja Tower.

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I am a huge fan of Zocc in general. If I had 6 of him I would happily ascend all of them so I could have one in each of my war teams. His super-tactical total shut-down of an enemy special is an amazingly powerful special, with an up to 30% risk against 20% of the hero population. In addition to the shut-down he also can do decent (400+) damage with an additional 1 or 2 mindless attack (150-200) damage to the opponents depending on how much you can dump into the enemy. If you can dump tiles into a fast hero that you have hit with Zocc you end up doing sniper-like overall damage to the enemy plus completely shutting down the special.

Against ninjas he is even better as you can ignore x1 mana and completely shut down x2 and x3 manas which would potentially decimate you otherwise. Effective in raids, and even more so in the ninja tower


Homaclese You pressed me to lift Zok instead of Elkanen Costume!

I hope he works out for you as he has for me! And hope you get him high enough to use him in this ninja tower

I just got my Elkanen costume. I am not thrilled… but I have 20 tonics so will give him a solid chance. He will replace my 2nd Lianna in my green stack, alongside good old Zocc

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They should at least increase his special skill attack by 100% or make the mindless attack hit 3.


I leveled up my Zocc, and limit broke it because I had nothing better.

I did have fun with it at first but the average speed really did not help the synergy of the teams I tried to use him in.

Unfortunately, as much as I was happy to get it, I ultimately fed it away in the soul exchange for Peridot.