⚖ Hero Balance Discussion: Zocc

Been running him for over a week now. I think he is slightly lackluster in terms of damage and that is affecting the perception of his overall effectiveness. He would be great, and fun, if he did minor damage to nearby enemies.


I’m not worrying about this thread as I don’t hv him , I had kunchen , vela , JF and 2 tellurias followed by S1 legendaries only , no S2 and S3 legendaries. Haha

Proteus has a 5* version
And now Merlin does too

Proteus may have a slight edge
But that doesn’t mean Merlin isn’t fun to play

Zocc has a decent role on attack squads and said,
"we can’t all be Telluria."

This hero is fine. Useful and to the point.
I’m glad they didn’t make it too strong,
I’d hate to see Vela get nerfed again

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I don’t see this hero as a domage dealer but as a support hero that can deal higher damage than a healer. On blue titan fights, I use it instead of melendor to prevent my team from being hit by the monster’s special attack and limit the need of healing. I have it at 4-80 and he can do a really nice job. Hitting hard is not the only way to win a fight; keeping heroes alive is also important and Zocc help a lot in this on certain war fights. He is not in my main attack team but I like using it sometimes; he bring something different to the game. For sure, I’ll be happy to deal more damage using him so I can consider to bring it on my main offense team.


Sure he could be tweaked to be a little more powerful but I’ve maxed mine hes plenty useful on offense for me.
Anything drastic and he becomes way too OP.
I believe the power ladder is something like this:
S1 5*->HOTM=S2 5*=Seasonal 5*->S3 5*=Event 5*
HOTM’s are reasonably accessible. Often they wont be world beaters. Enjoy the good ones when they come out, find a role for the average ones, or just ignore them if you dont like them. Not every HOTM is going to be amazing, and they shouldn’t. I have my own suspicions on why ppl complain so much about HOTM etc. But I’ll keep that to myself.

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Been testing him out at 3/70 for a while now, and I’m just not impressed. If I’m facing aggressive defenses, I still much prefer Hansel+18 (or even Proteus+19 w/ lv 17 mana troop) over Zocc because that one extra match really does make the difference sometimes. For the most part, the battles where I did get to fire Zocc, the board was good enough I could’ve subbed in another green hero and still won, so Zocc had little to no role in helping to secure the victory.

Yes I get it’s not entirely fair to compare Hansel+18 (which is basically 5* 4/80 stats) to Zocc at 3/70, but the point is if I need to quickly shut down the defense’s mana, I still much prefer taking a hero who can do so in 3 matches instead of 4 (or hoping for a dragon bomb to appear somewhere).

Seriously, drop Zocc’s damage to 250% or whatever but make him fast, and he’ll probably have equal if not more playtime than Hansel. He’s somewhat viable in a green stack at 3/70 and I do use him occasionally in war, but he’s never a part of my main attack team.

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+8 node (I think) and level 17 troop will get him to a 9 tile special. I am aiming for that, but I find him plenty useful even as-is (4/80/3)

Sure but there are better options for rogue emblems at both the 4* (Jackal, Brynhild, Peters) and 5* levels (Marjana, Alice, Sif).

Saying that he is like peters or others 4* means you havent used him maxed. I only have right now Marjana and Zocc as 5* to give rogue emblems so he is at node 9, charging at 9 titles. He is much better than hansel 18 by far. You can make him better by making him hit like 350% but cant see any other change that wont make him op. He is pretty good for titans and offense.

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You can often find better options for any embleming question. And the answer would probably vary from person to person.

I have both Brynhld and Zocc, run them both in my mono green. I would place a higher value on Zocc than Brynhild. I have Peters too, I definitely wouldn’t rate him as highly as Zocc but I might take both to a difficult PVE boss level. Jackal I’d agree with.

I don’t value Marjanna highly in general, and would prefer Zocc. Although marjanna has a bit more value these days given most tanks are Tel. Sif, Alice - don’t have them, don’t have much thought on them. Personally I’d make Zocc fast and then stop his embleming if I thought I had other viable options

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Agree in everthing. I would strip marjana if I had too, but could bring him also to 9 so no need to. If I get Jackal maybe I will strip marjana to give the emblems to him, as I have been saving for 20 pulls in next teltoc forever, but I think I will just start giving him the spares ones I will be getting from now.

No I didn’t say Zocc is like Peters, I said there are arguably some better options for rogue emblems, because the whole argument is basically “but I can take Zocc to +8 where he will become fast with a lv 17 mana troop”. Ok, but to take Zocc to +8 you’ll need 520 emblems, which is enough to take Peters/Jackal/Brynhild to +20, which is a huge opportunity cost. Especially since Peters+20 statswise would be fairly close to unemblemed Zocc, and he doesn’t need a lv 17 mana troop to be fast, making Zocc even more of a tough sell.

Fwiw I have Proteus+19 who I can charge in 9 tiles with a lv 17 troop and I’d still prefer him over a hypothetical Zocc+8. But to each their own.


Musashi and g jackal have all my rogue emblems so Zocc sits unemblemmed, but I still love using him.


How is emblemed Musashi? I am one dart away and he is the prime candidate. Will be running him with C Joon, Lady Wool, Mist, Malosi. The other candidate is a second C Joon - while I think C Joon might be overall slightly stronger I feel the versatility of hitting 3 will be more effective overall. Plus the super high tile attack…

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Musashi hits like a truck and is better damagewise then Drake Fong. He doesn’t have an emblemconflict with any other Defense-Wing Candidate in a TGV-def.

Works best along C-Joon and Poseidon for me but together with Mist (which i don’t have :frowning:) he will be a killer cause both hit 3.

Usually White Rabbit, Drake, Musashi are a solid Killshotcombo. Mists def-down is even stackable with White Rabbit and Jackal.


Gave him a defense/hp node just for a little extra toughness. As stated above, he hits pretty hard, and his splash damage can be used pretty strategically to kill a low hp and severely damage another hero. The self heal can be handy, but the real draw is the godly attack stat.
My model could’ve went higher but I opted for the extra heft as he sits on the wing in my defense team.
I use him on my titan team solely for his attack stat really goosing the dmg on yellow tiles (miki-g. Jackal-mush-c. Joon-malosi) and I usually acquit myself fairly well (200k+) on 14* purples.
In summation, I really like mushashi. Probably have more of an affinity for him than most other people, but hes a staple in my raids, offensively and defensively, war, titans, and even farming teams. Hes been totally worth the darts and the emblems. Wont be resetting him.


pffft you call that a godly attack stat? Now this is a godly attack stat:


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I’m pretty sure musashi tops 900 with full emblems…

Scarlett attack path is 895. This is attack power some 5*s could only dream of. Rogue is just one of the best talent class. Awesome talent skill, One of the Most attack nodes. Talent path even compliments any defensive rogue. (Can emblem in Def and health all the way)

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