⚖ Hero Balance Discussion: Yang Mai

If you’re analysing her as a defensive hero, then yes she needs a ton of help. But get her on offense fully charged behind the usual BT/Wilbur/Falcon(c.Marj if you’re lucky) and she may well become a decent boss killer

Yeah, i was reviewing her on the defensive end. Should’ve mentioned that

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I used her in all forms in beta and somehow pulled her this morning on a single key pull so I saved the rest. I loved her at 70% and think she was like the hotm used to be as something everyone could get and since whales get all of them anyhow at least wed have a solid hero.
At 60% she moved in well liked territory and was still a very solid and desirable hotm. Inthe age of over 800 power heroes and strong fast multi hitters she was still viable.
The final for wasn’t asked for though neither was the first nerf but the final one had about 38 posts in beta all opposed to 50.

Her stats are fine but her skill needs that 70% to make her a nice stronghero that isn’t OP to compete with the ones that keep coming out that are OP.

70% doesn’t make her OP. I know the normal reaction is that I pulled her so I want a buff but even in beta I watched her her nerfed for no reason. She was released near perfect and a red no less. Like he upcoming yellow that I hink is also well balanced make Yang the same.

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Yep, Seshat has disappeared from defenses completely.

60% would be fair! But still, I can see usefullnes in Yang Mai.

Bring her back to 60% stop spit on our face give us a GOOD hotm!

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