⚖ Hero Balance Discussion: Yang Mai

Well if that’s the case, they’re just as much behind a paywall as anything else, surely?

Ppl wants Hotm to be like event heroes. And that is not the business here.


If her use in primarily in events and quests that happen every other month then 6 rings price is very hard to be justified.

Besides in the Ninja Tower with a little bad luck she may get cursed and then you need to wait another 2 months.

On Mystic Titan and Ninja Tower as well the time is important as well. With low 50% chance for additional hits it takes longer to build up the stack and therefore the score will be lower.

You can not pump her up with mana pots in the top levels of the Ninja Tower because of the limited items you can carry and there are far more valuable items than mana pots so you will not be able to use all your slots for mana potions.

I was able to complete the Ninja Tower last time but for the last levels I used Dragon Attacks, Fire Bombs, Axes Attacks, Arrow Attacks, straight average healers and straight fast snipers.

For map stages and quests, yes, she will have time to build up the stack and could become a boss killer, may be. After all if you get rid of the Boss minions she could potentially have 5 hits on the Boss in a row.

Well when beta testers tell you she’s good at 60 or 70% but you still nerf her down to 50% do you feel like they slapped them in the face??? And if they nerfed her not on beta testers results then why?? Seems to me the only logical conclusion is she was good and they didn’t want to release a good hotm!! At 50,% she is very meh. Not very good but not awful either. Marjanna is a season 1 hero and still she far surpasses yang mai. Compared to season 3 and four hero’s yang mai is just trash. I think the current hotm should be on par with the hero’s that are being released at that time! And season 4 hero are in the new power creep ! Why should they be releasing a hotm that is worse than alot of season one hero’s and we’re in season four now?? I’ll tell you why in order to get something really good you must chase it and pay plain and simple she is no where close to Elizabeth! But they want you chasing Elizabeth and spending not giving her away on bonus draws!

If you’re talking about her costume (which I wouldn’t characterize as s1) then yes. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have thought so.

It’s gambling. Marjanna without costume does more damage if yang mai hits only one. And what I don’t get is how beta said she wasn’t overpowered at 70% or 60% even but they still nerfed her,why??? Look at Bobo from starfell!! He’ll be making 500k hits on titans soon ,just wait. Emilio is like a better gravemaker! They keep releasing really powerful hero’s but the one you were most likely to get last month wasn’t on par with these new hero’s . Compared to season 4 or the currently new norm for hero’s she pales in comparison. They basically give away the hero’s of the month so they generally are less desirable and way less powerful! They save the coveted hero’s behind a huge paywall so that the whales and chasers spend more to try to get them. My point however is that the hotm should be on par with the current meta and sadly yang mai isn’t anywhere close to these new hero’s not by a long shot!!!

Yang Mai is clearly superior to Uncostumed Marjana.

My YM is +4 and she’s excels in all PVE modes. The longer the fight, the better she becomes; Also great for titans. She surpasses my fully attack emblemed GM at only +3 stacks, which takes roughly 1-3 specials; Her special is not reliable for raiding, but her link is awesome and usually more than make up for it. That small mana boost really helps when red tiles are scarce.

My Uncostumed Marj is +19 and surely is a solid hero, even nowadays. I currently only use her in wars, and preferably not alongside GM or JF, so she won’t overlap their burns. I don’t regret giving her rings, but it’s clear to me that I have better options in any scenario except when the game limits my roster usage (ninja tower, war or TOL).


I don’t understand the reason behind reducing Yang Mai’s mana gain. That’s the only thing that made her slightly competitive. Could her strike power be raised a bit to adjust for the mana decrease???

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The problem is Marj is reliable. The whole “the longer the fight” might be truth, however:

  • it doesn’t work in wars with war equalizer (basically all is stripped)
  • the stacking is lost if you take “Stack (Max: 10): All Heroes get +5% attack each turn.” in events
  • if she dies and you revive her, stacks are lost either

I am not really sure if it works through cSabrina’s antibuff stuff but… well she’s what she is. A wet noodle hitter that might shine and might not. I kinda regret giving her rings to get above 3*70

After the elemental link nerf, YM lost quite a bit of her appeal in a red stack. Once the 2021 HOTM family activates, we might see a comeback, but until then, mine was stripped of her emblems and is collecting dust, specially because I very much needed the monk emblems for Elizabeth and C. Leo and I have better options, such as Ruby, Octros, Liz, GM and C. Wanda.

Despite all that, I still stand on my opinion that she’s marginally better than Uncostumed Marj. Even at her worst (1-hit) mine (+7) used to hit for about 400-500 damage while Marj (+20) is doing 600-700 plus her weak dot. Not a gamechanging difference at its own, but YM offers her nerfed EL, a good class and a flat out 50% chance to slightly outperform Marj and even more, when she goes nuts and does 4-5 hits.

Off course she’s not impressive, since we are comparing her, a 2021 HOTM with a season 1 uncostumed hero, but if you don’t have one of the shinier recent heroes, she can get the work done.

Please buff Yang Mai to get her off the bench and make her more relevant in the game today


Please buff Yang Mai. I’m not sure she’s really a 5 star hero. She is so weak.

I put mine maxed into soul exchange with tyr fenrir and other heroes I don’t use anymore…

I fully understand what you have done and why you fed them away into Soul Exchange.
But to me that says so much about the current game and the power creep……
It’s shameful that groups of heroes have become redundant for so many players…
They need to be rebalanced to make them relevant in the game


nerfing her elemental link killed her. revert it.

@Petri. This its very sad and it’s speak a lot how this hero need a buff, I hope the devs to see this.


I agree on that but i believe it is impossible to make every hero as relevant as the other. (And honestly it would be boring) That being said as much as i would love to see some buffs on older heroes - yang mai is perfectly fine just not for everyone and it is not a gamechanging hero. But she is unique in her skill and can support rosters that propably only consist of S1 heroes or with just a few additions. Her Manaboost is as good as Frosths and although her hit is weak she can soften up targets for e.g. Marjana.


Agreed 100% - But my point is that we should never have fully levelled heroes sat on a bench that no longer get used.

So for me it’s the likes of Justice, Red Hood etc etc…

I do want diversity in the game and we should have different “quality” heroes. But currently it’s all about power creep, and I see this every time I am in Beta.

So yes we should have top, middle, bottom heroes - they should be “different” but they should all also be relevant enough to be used / useful…. Especially when they all continue to appear in multiple portals

Just my two pennies worth

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On the other hand how can a game like this survive over years without any kind of power creep? There is a limit to complexity in hero abilities. We all want diversity and new heroes should be desirable. So there has to be a design decision at some point how this can be accomplished. Just through unique skills or is there also a need to increase power? Would you pay for a copy of Gravemaker without costume nowadays? Would you pay for Athena without Costume today?

As a company with certain financial goals there is also limited capacity to invest time into things that do not increase income. We as a playerbase do have other interests as SGG and SGG even has different interests then Zynga. So all in all as much as i agree to your idea of balancing things out it likely is neither in interest of SGG nor in terms of longevity of the game.

I use her on titans… She does charge my stripped of emblems wilbur… And shaderreave… But i did miss the old yang.