⚖ Hero Balance Discussion: Reuben

sigh Reuben is so underwhelming that even @Homaclese cannot make him work. And Homaclese argues positively for Noor, one of the worst HOTM in 2020.

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Who can talk badly against a hero that can summon super powered Shrubbears as pets? (with a little help from Frosth of course)

Can we get a show of hands for players who have passed on maxing (giving final ascension materials) Reuben?

Reubens summoned: 1
Reubens maxed: 0
Reason for above: Underwhelming. Released too late (after Tell-Vela nerfs). Also have Vanda who I much prefer.

In case of a maxed Reuben, you are welcome too.

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I have Reuben at 3.70. I’m not in a hurry to take him further. However, I remain of the opinion that he’s one of those sleeper heroes who will find his niche in due course, as the number and types of status effects that resist cleanse increase. Probably. If not, he’s an extra bod to soak up the Ninja Tower curses :woman_shrugging:


End message :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

P.S. He really could use a buff lol

Noor is actually pretty great, lmao. People are so quick to dismiss niche heroes these days.

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Noor + Reuben

End message :grin:

I have him maxed just because I have so many rings. I’ve never used him, he honestly sucks. He does, literally, nothing well. It’s a shame, really.

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I can see that Reuben may be acceptable, should you have a lot of emblems for him. In that case, definitely better to use emblems on him than no hero at all IMHO.

Problem is there are so many good clerics, I literally can not spare any emblems for him. A good problem to have, but still another reason for me not to max him.

Another weak 5* hero. Why adding those to 5* while they are at average 4* ? Can’t rely on.

I recently realised that at least Reuben is better than Salmon Loki. :rofl:

I still think Reuben rates at the bottom for recent HOTM (particularly in comparison to Yang Mai and Noor after her buff)… It would be great if both Reuben and Salmon Loki got buffs.

I am a f2p player and red is my weakest color, so i decided to max and emblem my Reuben. Second reason was, that i really love his look :joy:
And after several months of playing with him I don’t regret it. He fits well into my red mono team. After embleming, he has nice stats and his minions and dot reduction helps my average reds (boldtusk, wilbur and falcon) to survibe until they fire. And than, my Khagan can finish the work :joy:
I love this team especially against double or reverse double formations. I also use this team in most of the challenge events and I usually reach top 1000 without problems :slightly_smiling_face:


Idk why I thought I had made this suggestion already on this thread or a similar thread.

I think the elemental minions should have a chance of dealing a DoT respective to their element. In Reuben’s case, give a moderate chance for a burn tick.

I also agree that his unique DoT reduction buff could be tweaked to be something of much more significance. And/Or increase the amount of damage his special skill deals on the opponents.


reuben is a trash hero, please buff him SG

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At least he must hire to all, Noor get buff and and she it’s not anymore so usles, now this one remains the worst red.

What kind of buff for Noor? I missed it

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More HP and att for minions


If Reuben received a buff I bet more would trade foe him when the new soul exchange is opened. As it sits now, any five star red will take his emblems and his spot on my team. Very underwhelming in almost every situation for sure.


Reuben needs a buff hes useless, no one will trade for him in soul exchange wasted space !

Please buff Reuben to get him off the bench and make him relevant in the game today