⚖ Hero Balance Discussion: Raffaele

Between slow and average, actually.

You can replace 5* with 4* as they only have around 100 power difference. But replacing 5* with 3*? They have 200 power difference, that is huge.

Who is the 3* equivalent?

Candy…from starfall.

No cleanse, no elemental link.

She saved my ■■■ many times in vf tournament

You’re never going to get all that in a 3* package, though (well, for the next few versions at least…). She does the basic heal mechanic that Raffaele does. That’s fair enough for a little’un.

Well, it’s average speed vs slow speed too!

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This is what I meant:

The reason she is average instead of slow is because she has no cleanse and elemental link (not true equivalent)


Aha, with you now. I should have scrolled back and reminded myself about the conversation before wading in. I’m Team Raff all the way. Although to be fair, I’m quite looking forward to using Candy too (only just started levelling her).

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But can né much beter with

Every heroes can be made better.

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To clarify - this was me saying I’d like to see you do better substituting the 3* equivalent, and doing better than you would with Raff.

I have recently started playing a lot more with my slows, and have gone gone almost overboard with using healers in my teams. I sometimes raid with an all-healer team and I try to have 2-3 healers in all my war teams. Because of this, and finding I end up a bit short of having optimum healer inclusions in my teams, I have decided to ascend my Raf after sitting unused at 3/70 for so long. Very early into the process but if you aren’t afraid of using slows then he is one of the best healers in the game


What if he was turned into a blue revive hero? his skill would be to cleanse all allies first, then boosts health by 800 over 4 turns, and a 50% chance to revive with 20% health?

Then he would be a new event hero, not an old hotm.

Or they could change him from slow to average.