⚖ Hero Balance Discussion: Raffaele

I play Raffaele on every attack (diamond) with Vivica (no costume) since I got him. He is roughly as strong as standard Vivica. In detail, he is a little bit weaker because Vivicas shield outperforms Raffaeles high defense (and other smaller traits) on average.

Raffaele replaced Marie-Therese as second healer for me. Marie is significantly weaker and maybe only usable in 5* bonus tourney without yellow color. She synergizes with Snow White. I also tried Anzogh, but he feels like a mediocre TC hero on attack.

Oh, certainly. But there’s a long stretch between that and “useless”.


I find him pretty OP, he needs to fire just once during a battle when your other heroes are dying to change the battle completely. Being slow is not a problem at all. If he was average, his power would be absurd.
Mine is sitting at 3/70 and is already decent : good defense, good health. With emblems, I’m sure he will be a beast. The only thing I don’t understand is his innate ability : a nonsens.


Absolutely agree.

His innate ability is stupid. If only he was immune to debuffs.


which would you grab for attack Kiril +20, Kiril +7 or Ralffei 4-80? I know Ralffie it better than Kirile 4-70

That is easy, I will just enter top 100 while putting my Raff on defense… :rofl:

The other day I enter top 100 while still using my cup dropper defense (4* without emblem)…

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Raffa 4.40 was better than my Kiril+6.
Dunno how cKiril will compare

changing his innate ability would be essential

Hey SmallGiant , tou guys need to take a look to innate hability of Rafaele hero, qnd fix It and put It like a kunchen’s hability.

Hey guys of smallgiant. Not only me, but many many guys asking about passive hability of rafaele os totally wrong. He’s a defensive hero, and a healer, so he needs to have a innate hability like kunchen’s hability qnd not a hability to his atk.

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