⚖ Hero Balance Discussion: Raffaele

Personally I like hero variation. If I come up against a team with a few slow heroes I generally believe I can take a slow or two myself and get them to fire.

Raffaele works best if your team has taken damage anyway so he needs to be a little behind!

Ariel looks great but if you’re expecting long drawn out battle, Raff could be key


Whether or not a hero is properly constructed and balanced shouldn’t be viewed through the myopic lens of “how does this guy fit in a war team in high diamond.” That seems to be some of the argument for why he needs a buff.

I’m finding him to be a monster in events. Yes, he only gives healing, but that healing is so powerful that it pretty much eliminates the need to ever consider bringing two healers. I still have him only at 3/53, but he and Proteus are the key to my (for example) Sand Empire teams. No way he’s not getting telescopes. And while he’s not in my defensive team for wars, he’s already saved my butt in some battle on offense. That heal is just so powerful.


I think that as a hero of the month a joke

especially for its resistance

For those who have not yet entrusted the health of their team to Raphael, I want to show another video with his participation.

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Video appears removed , so was it to show him as great or mediocare

It is not removed, it is just unbindable and should be watched on YouTube.

Well, I think he’s not the worst hero at all, but definitely isn’t the best, he could be much better, if we need a cheaper healer hero, we can use Kiril (of course his status it’s weaker, but we gain cure, and buff of offense/defense), Raff status it’s good, but slow mana isn’t good for a healer, we can talk about Vivica, but she’s pretty good, not only for the cure but for the 63% shield in the whole team that she gives, Raff could give at least some defense buff or make all allies share the damage just like Aegir since he’s slow mana, plus, his innate ability it’s too weird for a healer :man_shrugging:t2:, i’m using on raids, he’s good, but I think Vivica is better, and we can gain her on TC for free, in defense team he’s just meh, if Raff would be average mana, it would be a good advantage

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another useless hero 5 * if he does not improve the mana … Raffaele does not exist in the cassifica raid only Vivica … wake up sg!

What you talking about? :rofl: Only ariel is argubly better 5* healer because she is avarge mana and give mana boost

average charging speed, I meant …slow reload no one uses this hero only 1%

It is slow because its game changing same as MN or Alby there are different scenarios when both have advantage, if your chamions are alive hes 1000% better when they are dead MN/Alby better but only if res work.

I play him and he save my as many times…
I can recover from bad board if enemy tank don’t do dmg I can throw tiles into him and load my Raff than I win.

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if no one uses it in raid there is a reason … Vivica much more used and appreciated … Raffaele always remains a useless hero, even the rankings speak …

Raffaele is not useless for me. I use him every war on 5th team.

War ok…in the top 100 find me a Raffaele in the team if you can …
there are many Vivica …

Just because a hero isn’t good on defense doesn’t mean he or she isn’t a good hero. Raffale is pretty bad on defense, but he can be very good on offense. I’m glad to have him, myself, although I haven’t been able to take him to final ascension and see just how good he can be yet.

Bro find me lady loki, mytzero, guardian gazelle, athena, miki etc…
Are they bad? No
Are they bad for defense team? Yes

but there are Vivica in the top 100 … by Raffaele no …

That’s because Viv also does Def Up / Def Down - which doesn’t rely as much on timing, and also the blue spot is usually taken by Finley or Vela.


The top 100 defence teams. I bet some of those top 100 are using Raffaele for a number of other purposes, but you wouldn’t know unless they chose to tell you.

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un eroe del mese dovrebbe essere più versatile …with medium mana it would be more versatile that’s all …