⚖ Hero Balance Discussion: Papyros

Add some direct damage or give (elemental) def down.

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I have read the new balance update more than 10 times looking for the name Papyros there but no, he is just a joke in ss5

Who is better, papyros or Zhuge Liang :slight_smile:

zhugee for sure :+1::+1::+1::+1:

Honestly, I’d say Papyros.

Zhuge is bad but Papyros is hopeless. I keep hearing how horrible Exeera is but I don’t really know the card.

What other 5* are unplayable? Boss Wolf for example. Who else?

So the majority of people believe Papyros is not worth summoning for and 80% here think he’s excessively weak and is needing a buff. I’m curious what would make people feel Papyros is balanced…maybe making him fast along with beefier minions? Or maybe simply removing the condition that his minions need to be hit to cast sand damage, rather, they just cause sand damage every turn they are active?

In June balance, the Wu soldier minions were updated to 10%, and their burn damage was increased (since Sun Quan has only been in beta thus far, we don’t know the exact burn damage, but should be around 225-250/3 turns like Zhou You is).

So Sun vs Papyros -

Sun Quan advantages

  1. 340% damage to 3
  2. Burn damage applied by minions hitting instead of being hit

Papyros advantages

  1. 4% larger minions
  2. 30% def up
  3. Slightly higher dot - probably between 5-15 extra damage/turn
  4. Passive which (sometimes) heals and gives mana to whole team (vs [always] self heal/self mana gain from SQ’s passive)

I feel Papyros’ minions applying the sand damage when they attack would still leave him behind SQ. Adding anything (small heal, small damage, self over-heal/hot, mana speed fast) in addition would make it arguable (either way) which is better - meaning balanced, for me.

Really surprised to see an excessively weak vote for him as the main view. He’s can be kinda nuts on defense.