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Do you know if Noor spawn a minion in minion wars every 3 turns?

No she will only spawn when a minion I’d Summoned specifically as a result of a special. So no for druid thorn minions and no for minion war minions

Thanks. That would have been nice. I did a single pull and get her but I don’t know if I should give her the rings. I will try her with Frosth and see what happens…

Frosth can give noor minions that have stats exceeding an emblemed Gunnar

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Wow, @Homaclese would be so jealous of that. One pull to get her

Really? Wow… my playstile is mono but maybe I would make an exemption here

I’m jealous of anyone pulling any non s1 5*. Well, almost. Some tol heroes I would be unlikely to ever level up

I’m not sure how viable it is in raids but it works great in pve

Well, I was going for Seshat. And during this month I made more than 80 pulls in valhalla and S4 to get only the HOTM so…

I have Gunnar with costume bonus and 20 emblems at
A 448
D 707
H 814

Noor’s (+19 emblems, health build) minions assuming a level 12 crit troop are (defense changes based on the defense of each hero)
A 255
D 1000
H 510

After 2 Frosth buffs it goes up to
A 432
D 1000
H 862

Gunnar with level 12 crit troop, if you consider that like-for-like
A 520
D 841
H 863

So basically the minions become beefier versions of Gunar but with less attack. Noor could be rebuilt on attack path with say a level 6 ninja troop (just because that is what I actually have) which would make the minion figures after 2 Frosth specials skew this way:
A 507
D 933
H 748

Which is probably even closer to Gunnar’s (still with level 12 crit troop) overall stats


Dammit, I’ve put Noor through the paces, and she seems terrible in anything other than the map stages. She’s terrible in defense and offense, except for rush tourneys. They STILL need to buff her more. Maybe 35% instead of 30? Or make the minions do something too.

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Who are you putting her with @danenp ? She works well with other minion summoners. I’ve got a very passive team and they win in raids far more than they lose: Noor +4, PiB +7, Rigard/cRigard +20, Proteus +19 and Freya +7.

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In red mono she is good because of element link. I use her always in my red mono. Good in raids and in war because of increased survivability and because often the bulky minions take down the enemies on flanks when the board doesn’t help properly.

6th attack…

4645 tp


Good board but without Noor this would be a loss…

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