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Actually, I had it down to Garnett and Baldur vs 5 heroes. Wilber had cast his special before he died and those 2 were left. Baldur ended up the last one standing so there are those who could pull off a single handed win and yes, Baldur took out the last 3 on his own, one at a time

I ended up here; Alfrike tank as well, and just to stick it in everyone’s craw who faced me I put my Noor (4/80, plain jane) over on left wing.

Sparrows swarm and sing.

The fact that this thread still has traction should prove well enough that Noor indeed needs some rebalancing. Maybe once S4 has rolled out and we see how that affects the universal order of things here, maybe then SGG can add that little je ne sais quoi our girl next door needs to get the love she deserves.

It eventually happened for Atomos; don’t stop believing.


What are your thoughts @Petri ?

Interested to see if SG staff are as involved as we hope…

The real problem with Noor is that when Noor came into the game he was thinking of an Anti Telluria hero, then they realized that not even with Noor in the game no hero was able to face Telluria so the mutilation of the best came hero who has seen this game … Telluria dead … there is no need to make Noor more powerful. :slightly_smiling_face:

And now to improve Noor is to create an anti Frigg hero and I see that it is too early to remove Frigg from the game, so there is no improvement for Noor

I am confused by your video, all it did was validate that with Bera activating her special she completely shuts down Noor’s primary usage. In this case you wisely held Rigard’s special until Noor was able to charge then used it to clear the status effects from your team allowing minions to be spawned.

It was well played on your part, but doesn’t change the fact that Noor is a Slow minion creator who will be of no help against Bera if you can’t for whatever reason cleanse the anti-minion portion of the special because; you forgot a cleanser, went against a tougher team with a weaker team and can’t get the tiles in time, or the cleanser is somehow shutdown via mana block/disruption, silenced, etc.

Remove Rigard from the equation and Noor’s special equals zero.


To be fair, that’ll shut down very nearly every hero, every time.

Noor is a partial counter to Bera. Noor will almost always fire before a Bera at the wings. Noor will usulaly fire before a Bera at flank. Bera at tank will almost always fire before Noor. That leaves Noor with one minion, who will be able to take out maybe 2-3 Bera minions.

Overall, without support, it is basically a matter of whoever fires first ends up controlling the minion field (barring other specials that kill off minions). Bera first - Noor minions nullified. Noor first - Bera minions nullified.

I have always said that for Noor to be a successful Bera counter she does need to be paired with a cleanser such as C Rig. But yes she is much more effective against other minion types, and I think Skadi, Grimble, Myztero, and now Uraeus are all better counters to Bera than Noor is. Oh and add C Gormek to the list now I guess

Every time you say that I have a huge urge to fully ascend Grimble ahead of Alfrike. If I do I know I’ll regret it, and I shall most certainly blame you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hmm… I love me my grimble. He is useful in every war and particularly with VF wars (lots of Freya/Bera tanks) and minion wars (obvious reasons). However, personally I would do Alfrike over Grimble… she is absolutely OP in VF formats, OP in PVE, and a lot of fun when raiding.

*Caveat - I don’t have Alfrike, this is all supposition. Other than the number of times I have lost to a VF Alfrike tank

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Yes, it’s mainly about the VF rules, really looking forward to unleashing her. Additionally I find Grimble usable at 3.70 as long as the opposition isn’t too heavy.

This is so pertinent. I’m not sure people are understanding this subtext.

After using her more now with more minion summoners on defense, my opinion of her has gone down, not up. I regularly lose battles with her compared to most other 5* heroes I have. Her ability to remove minions is okay, her ability to protect anyone but herself is one of the worst in the game that I have for a defensive hero. Zulag at least can protect 3 at average. By the time Noor fires, it is too late to make a difference. Even worse, once the minions are stripped from the other team, she offers very, very little.

She desperately needs something else to contribute to raids, wars and tournaments. In the map she is not bad she there is time to “warm her up”. Making her Average would not help much and even at fast she’d be meh.

Her sparrows are a joke compared to Bera’s moths.

Please SGG, redeem this poor cute sparrow girl!

One idea: every time a sparrow on any ally removes a minion, Noor gets 10% mana, and change her to average at the same time

Idea two: sparrows give a -5% to armor as a stack debuff every time they hit up to a stack of 10 which combines with normal defense down skills

Idea 3: make her fast and have sparrows give owner hero 15% attack bonus per sparrow

Idea 4: make her average, lower the minion health to 20% and increase the damage to 50% of Noor’s stat

Idea 5: keep her slow, but have the sparrows remove 1% of mana on hit

Idea 6: make her average and her sparrows replicate like Seshat’s minions.


My idea is very simple and will turn her around into a much better hero.

Keep her slow speed, it is fine

Add cleanse as first skill. You may think this doesn’t help much for a slow hero but it is priority cleanse. Doing this you solve the problem of bera, turning Noor into an effective bera counter.

Instead of removing minions, dispel 1 random dispellable buff from the target. There are already sufficient minion killers like grimble and skadi, I want to retire her from the minion killing business and focus on dispelling. And to be able to dispel every turn is quite OP



You speak of her as a defensive hero here, but as an offensive hero earlier. Which do you mean? Noor isn’t to be used as a defensive hero. Only as an offensive (attack) hero.

I can’t remember the last time I used my 4/80 Telluria, not even in rush war/tourney because that’s how much of a dud she is to me now. I take cMel+18 every single time over her if I need a green healer.

I will also gladly take Ametrine/cTibs over Clarissa/Alfrike if I need a 4* Kage or to flip defense buffers. In fact my cTibs+18 is a staple in one of my war teams and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

And of course as mentioned, everyone’s favorite cRigard. In fact he works so well I levelled 5 copies of him so I could use him in 5 war teams if I wanted.


She is not an offensive hero, after using her for a long time now, the sparrow damage is negligible and I don’t have Freya to boost it. Maybe the blue HotM will help a little? She is a one trick pony: removing minions. With all the fast minion producers, Noor at slow with no other functionality just doesn’t compare well



I heard that it’s best to use crit troops with Noor. Is that true? If so. What level should the crit troops be? I have a red crit troop at 10 right now.

Thanx for whatever info you have. :wink:

Edit: my mana troop is at 12.

If you want to focus on giving your minions the most health possible then crit is the way to go. I give her my highest crit troop (when I remember to swap it in). Mine is only 11 though - the health breakpoints is what you want to be looking at with Noor, which happen every 4 levels I think.

I figured a long time ago that I wouldn’t be able to make Noor much faster nor give them a much harder bite so I focused on beefing up her minions with health emblem nodes and the crit troop.


Going to add to the pile here. With her being slow (especially when compared to other fast or average summoners) Noor either needs some other ability (apply burn or sand damage to all enemies, cleanse her team, or defense down, etc) or her minions need to apply something similar at a smaller quantity. That or change her speed with some vanilla damage (one or multiple enemies). For a five star she is definitely missing something.


I like the cleanse for all allies sounds fair

Also the new arrival of Frosth out Noor on the radar again ?


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