⚖ Hero Balance Discussion: Noor

So we need to wait around 5 months

There was talk of making noor not slow but medium; are there any news about it? I just raised a red mana troop to 23: if Noor was brought to medium I would gladly raise it. Slow is not usable

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I’m continually amazed at how many people haven’t figured out how great slow heros are. Guess I’ll just keep at 2600 level without a single fast hero.

If you consider that no one starts the game with every single 5*
And that, at some point… everyone has to play with what they have.

It really is so continually amazing, that people who finally arrive at a stage where they have over 40, 5* max’d

And start benching 5* heroes…

Isn’t it so continually amazing how blind and ignorant those people are who had to level those heroes and play with them for such a long time?

Aren’t you just blown away…how an overwhelming number of those people start benching their slow heroes first?
I wonder why they are so blind…

But yeah! Stay down there in the 2600 range and slow rock on :metal:

Not going to happen. Just 6 posts ago you can read all about how slow Noor singlehandedly wins matches,
In the bronze arena… :kissing_heart:

In the meantime,
you can wait for her costume. Doubt it will raise speed, however. Noor should it! That will only compound the issue why people eventually quit using slow heroes in trade for the stronger…faster new toys.

Last I checked 2600 cups was Diamond arena :thinking:

If you meant Team power I’m at 4616

I sure am looking forward to benching that extra slow crock Alfrike as soon as I can get my hands on Obakan. He’s fast, you know.


Maybe. That one is getting nerf hate for being legitimate. If they can pull that off you might.
Obakan is not a shiny new toy, tho😉

Is slow useless? Clear no.
Is noor too slow? Maybe. Looking what other heroes at her speed do she is underwhelming. Far from useless, but not great.

And whoever benches his slow heroes because they are slow can do that, but most of them are slow with good reason.
I have in most wars more very fast/fast/average heroes benched than slow ones.

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Most of them were slow for good reason. But times have changed. Similar heroes with the same type of utility have increased stats. Have increased speed. Preform the same utility with greater effect.
And sometimes… do all of that simultaneously!

And this is how a side line develops
among other things…

Noor should be fast, there are so many creepy Heroes like Ninjas, Frigg, Odin, Season4…

Noor is a Hotm! A small portion of why this thread has over 1,000 posts is because a large portion of players pulled her. Let’s not get carried away.
But don’t worry. We won’t :joy:
only costumes…

Increasing the speed of slow heroes instead of the skill strength compounds another problem…!

the value…
of all other slow and very slow heroes

I don’t know If this is a reason anymore, because every team I fight in diamond has “Event Heroes” from Ninjas and Valhalla. They are in every place. With this New defense configuration, a Fast Noor Will not be more creepy than current Bera and Freya with this other creepy fast guys.

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Noor is not a great threat to the balance of the game. Plus SG does not gain money by buffing her. So she is not buffed. I am sorry.

However, she is a cute one. Some like me uses her just bc of this :lollipop:


Wouls you please remove this epileptic generator? #($#)

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Is this what you are referring to? As you well know it is a reference to where a match goes horribly wrong and Noor is able to recover it in the end. I have shared videos of this happening a few times. At no time have I ever claimed that this is the norm. And you also know full well that this is in mid to upper diamond and not in bronze. I thought we agreed that there would be no… “skewing”… of information for the sake of presenting an argument?

Yes… single-handedly is what I was referring too. It’s a fun word! Very descriptive yeah? Is it really an adjective? Or, is it something else…
It sounds like…
something from a playbook, right?
It couldn’t be…
"skewing" anything could it?

Let’s have a look:

Please make the video of Noor solo winning. I can’t wait to watch it.

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Ill share it again.
And am willing to change my description to “Single-handedly turning a lost match into a win”. You are right in that in this game no one hero can win a match on their own - not even the might Skadi, with arguably the strongest special, who needs a team of heroes dedicated to her protection as well as defense down hero to support her


Alfrike could single-handledy win, and she’s extra slow. It’s unfair to compare a beast like Alfrike to Noor though. Apples to oranges.


I think you can say Alfrike can single-handedly win if she is a tank in VF format.
In offense you couldn’t say that, probably not even in VF. If nothing else your other 4 heroes are taking slash attacks which stop Alfrike from dying.
But yes for the record I think Alfrike is more powerful than Noor and one of those heroes with specials that you can build a whole team around like Skadi, and to a lesser extent Grimble and Myztero

In the last VF tourney Alfrike was my tank for every attack and this is where I got.

By the end of the day I was around 600 something and over 18k with my A defense. She and Heimdall make a fantastic pair.

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