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and here is one I just did vs bera tank. Lady loki was useless but I was too lazy to replace her

Nicely put…plus I know how much the alliance likes her and I am beginning to see why.

I agree this was a nice write-up.

And for what it’s worth I am in a top 100 alliance and she gets a war spot each and every single war, and her team has a very high win rate. She gets a spot in most PVE formats I engage in and in the last challenge event she helped me to get high scores in the last levels that I couldn’t match with any other hero. She is also back into my regular daily raid team (i.e. 24 raids/day minimum) in the following team:

Noor: “Garbage”, “Worst HOTM”, “Doesn’t do anything”
Myztero: “Useless”, “Worst purple”, “Underpowered”, “Flimsy”
Zocc: “Underwhelming”, “Weak”, “Worse than 4* mana controllers”
C Rigard: Widely regarded as good
Lady Loki: Also regarded as good

This team of mainly misfits deals with minion & ailment dealer teams very effectively.

Noor, pretty much garbage in PVPbut it’s possible to make any 5* successful in the right situation. She’s great for maps and challenges and challenge events

Myztero is the same as Noor but can turn the tide in PvP. Works great with a cleanser or blockers but not with Malosi

Zocc is a stud

C Rigard caused a lot of people to strip Kunchen who was the best tank in the game before Telluria. He is 1 of 4 4s I use every war leaving a few 5s on the bench. That’s how good C Rigard is

L Loki is a game changer and damn good. Of all the S3 reds, she’s the 1 I’d want

Just my assessment

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Benching 5* is an eye-opening, and often heartbreaking experience.
There’s a lot pacing on that day.
And the earth’s gravity seems to increase.

I wonder if I would like to be a fly on the wall when that day comes, but… I find myself less inclined to think so. And more inclined to get some of those springy eyeball glasses for reading forum threads.

Mist at 20 is better than Vivica who I stripped and never makes wars unless its a purple tank which I only see with the rush wars

Almur at 20 is pretty nasty on my green team, GC Rigard +20 along with BT +20. Wilber will make the cut if its a non Hiemdall/Telly tank at +20 also

C Richard and Victor get left out a lot with wars for me

Noor and all other driuds should summon their hero ability minion if they have one (like Freya). That way having a fully emblemed hero doesn’t literally weaken their hero ability. Having a bird summon and then randomly replacing a better minion with a weaker one makes ZERO sense. If the druid summon can’the fixed then Noor needs to be a made a Cleric, Monk or Paladin. Anyl of these fixes would help.

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why don’t you get Noor to medium mana? now it is useless.

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Even if she owns medium mana speed, she will be useless. The arrival of Uraeus deducts her use from infinitesimal to zero :smile: That’s her destiny.


SG - Please listen!! You seem to Nerf everyone this forum moans about so why do you ignore the community when we ask for buffs to Noor. Oh, and please do us all a favour and if you are going to make very slow heros make sure they are game changers. Alfrike is the only example of you getting it right! Sort it out


While I’d like to see Noor at average, I have been using her lately as more minion tanks are common. She pairs fairly well with Krampus. She isn’t much of a threat beyond killing minions though

After all the time we’ve been asking for a Buff for Noor, I honestly see a costume for Telluria before a Buff for Noor :joy::joy::joy:


Also still hoping that the game developers SG might still buff Noor…


Its soo funny to see this thread still going strong.

On another note, please lets just all give up the hope that Noor will ever be good.

New minion makers are coming out all the time, there will eventually be one that will be where we want her to be. She will never have that spot, she is an old HoTM and her time is long gone. SG gets nothing from buffing her, they can just make a better hero and get you to spend more.


Noor was completely useless again. She goes off when 3 other heroes are dead.

Jkdevore definition of useless: Hero who is primarily responsible for winning a match

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Same thing different day. Always taking out the tank then showing how great Noor is. 3 heroes were dead then she she took off. Try again

I’m actually busy showing how great Myz is at the moment. Whenever Noor singlehandedly wins a match I throw a video bone her way. The other times she is a BAU workhorse that does her job of stopping minion flooding and protecting the team, which she does admirably. But just won’t wow anyone on video.

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Sounds good. Myztero placed in the right situation can be really good.

I’ve always compared him to Lady Loki as a reference point. Objectively I have found they are as good as each other, but from an enjoyment perspective I like him a lot more. So overall I actually prefer playing with him

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