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I disagree with the statement that she is even weaker with ninjas. Because of how high hp her sparrows are, two layers of sparrows could easily tank a 3x charge cobalt, leaving some scratches at most to her

At fast speed Noor would not even be close to OP. Perhaps if she was very fast. The reason is her minions do so little damage they aren’t a threat. All they are is a weak heal. The other minion summoners do something to hurt non-minion heroes, Noor is a one trick pony, her only use is to dispel minions. I’m very disappointed SGG hasn’t done anything yet.

I’ve stopped using her except for very rare battles. Even in a rush tournament she is average quality at best

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She has potential, but something unique to her would be cool to increase her usability, such as “Causes 28 fire damage to all enemies while possessing a minion”. That and boost her defense and/or HP, or just up her speed. She definitely needs a buff though.

I like her as and I would not complain if they buffed her, I would love to add something like " Removes all minions from enemy hero before attacking, if no minion exists then the minion will consume one buff from the target, if no buffs exist minion damage is increased by 100%"

Has anyone seen the maximum level

She is slow speed hero, she needs 12 red tiles to give sparrows to her team mates. You are talking 2 sparrows, so simple maths tells us 2x12=24. I don’t see 24 red tiles in a month :slight_smile:

When I used to have her in my team I would typically have her special go off 2-3 times per match (yes, I played a slow, grindy style with mainly support heroes) in matches I won. Which was most of them.

With the new Gormek costume just released, Noor continues to become a joke of a hero. Aside from stats, Gormek is a far better minion remover then Noor thanks to his special and his mana speed:

@ Average speed he Destroys all minions from all enemies, deals 180% damage to all enemies, and all allies recover 80HP for each destroyed minion…wow.

Again what is the point of Noor in her current format? Hello SGG, are you there? Hello?


I would say it’s a waste of a skill given to gormek. And nope Noor is still faster and is able to respond to minions way better than gormek and gobbler

Gormek costume is old Gobbler. Id take him, I think he can be useful. Noor is half about minion destruction and half about protection, and the protect part she does very well. The minion counter part she also does well, just in a different manner

The minion counter mechanisms are very different. Gormek fires once and then has to recharge. Noor gets a minion counter every time an opponent summons through special, and any minions that are alive will apply their minion counter on an ongoing basis. Once you have her up and running she applies an ongoing minion containment which is very effective

I used her in the last few legendary levels the most recent challenge event as a hail mary. I was struggling to get scores to get me to under 10K, and with her I was able to hit around 96K for the last 2 levels and take me to top 3K. I am by no means a high performer in challenge events but this is the tier I aim for and she helped get me there when a number of other heroes couldn’t. Yes her minions slow the action down, but they more than comensate for this:

  • Loading up with 3 minions each for the boss stage greatly helps survivability, which I was struggling with
  • Minions help to take out corner mobs, allowing you to manipulate boards and conserve specials
  • When paired with debuffers - namely Guardian Falcon and Wilbur - and with 3 * 5 = 15 sparrows - the damage is a significant DOT on the bosses that really helps in finishing them off quicker, leaving less reliance on the boards

In summary she has a role to play in raids, depending on who you are facing. But more and more I am seeing that she truly shines in PVE, more so than almost any other hero I currently have

For the record against minion heavy teams/minion wars these days I prefer to take Skadi or Grimble as they don’t just destroy minions but they use them to secure a win

How does she help in challenges? The only thing I can think of minions helping is when you have Athena so the minions can soften up the defence a lot within one turn. But other than that, what use do they have?

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In summary - survivability against the tough bosses, whose specials can often kill off my heroes. Whittling mobs allowing for optimal board setup and mana charge coming into the next stage. Finally, (and surprisingly to me) the combined 15 sparrow DOT when paired with Wilbur and G Falcon really helped in finishing off the stage 14 and 15 bosses much quicker.

I tried many permutations with BT/Shadereave, G Falcon, Wilbur with Colen, Gefjon, Sumle, Ranvir and just couldn’t get within 10K of the scores I wanted for the final stages, and with Noor I was able to get those scores on the first try. I didn’t expect it, but those 3 factors above really helped with the score

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That was a nonsensical statement. Noor is not faster than Gormek, she is slower, and due to the nature of Gormeks special he guarantees he destroys the minions whereas Noor’s minions have to actually attack the enemy first.

He also damages the entire enemy team, Noor does not. He also heals his entire team (so long as the enemy had minions to destroy), Noor does not.

Noor is a Slow summoner whose abilities are powerful against other summoners if you have the time to charge her. Her minions are also strong on their own, but again, at Slow speed. Freya and Bera can almost cast their specials twice in one cast of Noor’s, and other summoners who are slower than Freya/Bera bring additional elements to the special (e.g. Delilah heals the entire team and adds decent minions as meat shields, all at Average speed).

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You’re forgetting that noor’s passive summons one sparrow whenever an opposing summoner fires. So technically she is one of the faster heroes to respond to minions. Noor also gives beefy minions, which is the same as a pseudo heal.
Why c gormek even exists when gobbler is a thing is just perplexing

Did you estimate how long the 15 sparrows end their attacks?
And if you want to do this, you’ll need Freya. She’s the key to this strat

Sometimes when I need to ghost tiles to prepare for the next wave, the minions might just kill off the last of the mob. Which is why this is a give or take for me

True enough, you need to leave enough health for you to manipulate. Then again, any kind of strategy with Wilbur is tricky because getting red tiles when you don’t want them will obliterate the mobs too early leaving your board unprepared in the next stage

Maybe 2 seconds each attack? As I said, overall the benefits outweighed the extra time

Would be interesting if SG is reading the suggestion about Noor improvement. Seems that lately focus is only on costumes for OP heroes.

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You are doing God’s work here. Thank you so much for the continued education on this misunderstood hero.


Thanks for that!

She is not my favourite hero. Nor is she my strongest. But the ratio of hate to usefulness is completely dispraportionate for her, and I still don’t get why. She is a solid raid offence support hero particularly against minion defences, and an outstanding PVE support hero. Pretty terrible in other areas of the game. She genuinely pleasantly surprised me with what she did for my challenge event score, and I will play around with her more in the next challenge event to see if I can utilise the sparrows right from the first mob level.

I’ve recently used her in a Grimble/C Rig/Zocc/Gefjon team against Frigg/Bera/Odin defences just to show how those can be beaten, and even against the toughest defences she is a solid performer and has helped get a very high win rate. And the argument that I could have won with any other red/any other hero blah blah just doesn’t make sense to me as if I can win with only 4.5 or less heroes (as people are suggesting) vs one of the strongest defences in the game right now, then I must truly be an E&P genius. Am I that… or is Noor actually decent in her wheelhouse?

Anyhoo, I will continue to share my experiences with her and contest any statements that I believe are not reflective of her abilities. I also have a new side project, to prove that Myzetro is not awful… perhaps I will build a dream team of E&P rejects

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