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Hah… happy to alternatively take on “Champion of Lost Causes”

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@yelnats_24 would be the other player I would consider a “Champion of Noor” :slightly_smiling_face:

His love is more conditional than mine…


Champion of buff? If you count how many times each users have suggested Noor need a buff or liked posts suggesting to buff Noor, I might come out on top of that list.

I use Noor each time I face Telly tank while at the same time I believe Noor deserve to be buffed. :crazy_face:

I’ve started seeking out defences that have Freya for a bit of fun. Noor on offence makes Freya almost irrelevant on defence. The single sparrow auto summon starts to make more and more sense.

Bera eludes me for the most part.

mt .02 cents, make Noor the same mana speed as Telluria. Whatever that is. She’s not useless, but the slow vs average mana ain’t cutting it. You devs created her as a foil to Telluria anyway, so match their speeds. I’d love to see Tel dropped to slow mana, but I’d be satisfied with matching speeds.

Make her +250 HP heal.
And cleanse.

Then I’m happy. Or just +250 HP heal then at least she is a bit much better. In average maybe…


Noor is OP:

When she get the 20-25% mana regeneration bonus in Ninja Tower.


OOh, traitor…! :crazy_face:

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Figured I’d reply here to keep it proper thread.

"I am curious have you gotten value out of Noor after ascending her? "

Short Answer: Yes

Long Answer: I have a lot of support reds with only Elena and C. Azlar to do any damage when stacking against Green Tanks. I’ve tried Natalya, JF, and Zim for a 3-1-1 stack but found, especially Elena, that they would die too early for my liking and never firing their special or only firing once.

Noor’s beefy minions have helped them to stay alive much longer, with C. Azlar only dying about 1 every 5 raids now. Reason: They stay alive now for my slow healer to recover them.

Also, Noor with LotL is an awesome combo. Noor first for beefy minions, then along comes the sword minions, hanging around longer to cut enemies mana down. This works so well in late stages of raids.


Glad it has worked out for you! Have you emeblemed her? With crit troop and 18 emnblems on the health path the minions get considerably stronger

Im still taking my Noor to all Tel battles - which is still most. But she is particularly fun to play when facing othre summoners. She completely nullifies a Freya in in flank or wing on defense, and is a strong counter to a Freya tank

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I have emblemed her up to T10 and will continue to do so when I get more since I want her minions even beefier. I like her with my L27 Mana Troop cause I can get her to fire a little faster.

That’s fair. I am close to getting my first troop to level 17 to get my Zocc to 9 tiles, with the rest at level 11 or 12. I can’t imagine the resources required to get to L27!


I am glad that you made the decision based on your research and analysis rather than just popular opinion and that you are happy with that decision. Noor is kind of like that geeky guy with all the potential to make the popular girl super happy in love, she just has to stop listening to her snobbish judgmental friends and give him a chance… :upside_down_face:

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I’m trying her out in this war. These skeleton minions should be right up her street!

Only if she fires. The war minions will not trigger Noor, so a minion summoner or her rediculously slow special has to fire


What? Damnit. Change of plans.

p.s. Thank you.

I have Noor and use her constantly , I like the concept but feel that as a slow hero she is missing something else … Even turning her at average could be not enough to make her at the levels of others HotM.

I like the idea of keeping her slow but adding some more effects as a cleanse for all and some max health reduction for each hit receive by Sparrow (with a cap max of 25%)


I’ve been thinking the same. Bera’s poison is a nice add-on but Noor has nothing. I was thinking of a -5% defense to a maximum of -50% per sparrow hit.

Basically she needs something else. Just look how long this thread is, everyone agrees except SGG


This thread is long because anyone who experiences something normal/weak about the ‘slow summoner and nothing else’ gets lumped into the "hot chick’s snobbish judgemental friend category"
Just read 6 posts :point_up_2:

  • 900 posts ago, it was "if you don’t have Noor then your opinion doesn’t count."

  • Now it’s, "if you don’t have max’d Noor then your opinion doesn’t count."

  • Next it will be, "if you don’t have emblems on Noor then your opinion doesn’t count."

And eventually the truth will be revealed!
Most likely with memes…
But we have to wait for players rosters to grow so they can experience the overwhelming effect that speed has in a deep bench.

It was a Hotm… And I think SG learned their lesson about releasing powerful Hotm…we’ll see…
If they do it again, they will lose trust about making mistakes and give full momentum to cash grab, bait and blablablahs. I don’t think anyone will be in their corner, other than those who don’t have complete rosters yet and can’t see the big picture.

So apparently, with how long this thread is. And watching all the videos of Noor’s allies winning vs. weak opponents after an extended match that almost runs out of time.

I’d say Noor is just fine. If anything, maybe nerf it…?

Sorry for all you who want super powerful Hotm. But… that’s been proven to be a harmful idea.

Grimble should be comparable.
Bera should be stronger…
If the comparison is even close? Then Bera should be buffed! Not Noor.

So… they’re all good-to-go :+1:
good job SG

I feel the same , being slow hero not justified her current ability , it would be more passable as an average speed but even as an average feels not on pair with other hotm.

All S3 are powerful Heroes so is ok that Bera being stronger than her but we expect at jest Noor being on a decent level

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