⚖ Hero Balance Discussion: Noor

I basically am…just do VIP (and now the dang POV).

Which means you are not F2P.

I can easily sneak in to top 100 with attack team of 4100-4200.

I already got into top 50 while still using 4*. (Pre-Telly)

Daily top 100 is not worthy to brag about.

LOL…ok? That’s not difficult. Doing it daily is. Do you want a prize? Look, I’m not getting into a pissing match with you two Noor homers. Look at the poll…she’s one of the worst HOTM out there. Enjoy her. Maybe you are so dang skilled that you can use this HOTM with such success! :partying_face: I bow down to your amazing raiding skills!!!


Look closer, you will find me as one of the players who vote for buff.

I always said Thoth is the worst HotM and need of buff, but I won’t deny that synergy can make him useful such as with Panther.

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Having the perception of being the worst HOTM is not the same thing as being the worst HOTM.

Anyway, you are probably right this is much more likely than Noor being useful in some team configs

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You’re wasting your breath, lads. Some people just want to see fireworks. A contribution that isn’t obvious didn’t happen. History tends to remember the generals who win wars in preference to the diplomats who prevented war in the first place.


Here is one battle Noor was pretty much the best hero in the game. Too bad this is an extremely rare defense to find in raids or she would be more valuable. I must say it was rather fun to watch sparrows take over


I more and more like the hidden hero heros! :wink: And Noor definately falls into that category.
In this game as it is now, everybody seems to be very underwhelmed with heros that dont immediately turn the tide and change the game as our Tellurias, GM Finley etc…do
I started to like much more the ones that serve a purpose and can decide a game without anybody noticing.
So in a way we gotta thank Homaclese for his untiring attempt to convince us heathens of the utility that Noor has. I will max her for sure

She also needs a buff badly :slight_smile:


OK, I admit to LOL-ing at the punchline. :rofl: :+1:

Anyway, no one is saying she is a good hero in all situations. What they ARE saying is that against certain defenses, with the right supporting cast she CAN be useful and indeed better than most other alternative reds.


Not this heathen!

For meat shields I would take Fast Freya.
Another Druid
But meat shields only drag matches out and make the 5 minute timer pop up.
Even slow S1 Vivica also packs def boost, cleanse and a greater health value.

For minions I prefer damage. Damage isn’t restricted to a small niche. Gazelle, another Druid,
does wonders for reducing enemy minions into gnats, and feel the urge to dance a jig yourself, when facing those +4700 TP enemies.
Even slow S1 Azlar can help chew through minions and lend a hand in other situations too.

I’ve watched enough sparrows target heroes with zero minions to develop zero motivation for Noor’s ascension.

You’re so defensive, you don’t even understand what I’m saying.

Unlike you, I actually use Noor in war and fight against 4600+ teams. That team is 10 wins, 1 loss. And I was just trying to say one simple thing, an observation from using her in 11 wars. She doesn’t do well in arrows.

Now you can go back to whatever.

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You said that much more clearly this time. I understand now. Thanks for keep trying to explain. :slightly_smiling_face:

I got one, but she will wait …wait for some buffs…but I like her - I like to see her in enemy´s defense, thats the right place for her , for now.


This is a hero balance discussion. The majority of the players thinks that she needs a buff for her to be more significant. In her current state she has some niche use, but that’s all. Nothing more.
If they give her cleanse or dispel, which are practically none existent in red heroes (besides zim and g.kong), that would be great. She wont be overpowered and she get used more.



i think noor need to be balanced. she is a five star and i compare with another five star freya and you give decision about these two heroes. these two heroes have similar feature(i think freya have plus) and one is fast one is slow it is unjust.

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I used her on lvl 8 of tavern together with costumed kahshrek, made sure they were all charged for the bosses. No problems there thx to the extra health and meatshield

2700 teams? Not 4300+?

Regarding “defensive”, my Noor team is ultra defensive and very lacking in firepower, that is why my team fare better in Arrow Attack than Healing Aid/Attack Buff.

Different setup yield different result. Your team and my team simply have different characteristic.

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So, what you’re saying is Noor made a nearly 1200 health difference? Seem to forget that another red could have replaced Noor.

Your math isn’t adding up my friend this time

You seem to forget that GM would have dealt over 2000 damage before Noor would have gone off

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2000 in damage spread over multiple heroes in multiple bursts and in isolation so easily healable. He would make very little impact in my team. With my bt wilbur and g falcon sure he would fit in nicely

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