⚖ Hero Balance Discussion: Klaern

Needs exxera and klaern together. A match made in heaven


I believe SG need to publish a poor HoTM once in a while. And probably its just time because I can’t remember when was the last poor HoTM. Is it Noor back in 2020? Before her probably it was Thoth Amun in 2017?

But yeah, Klaern is worse than those two. :rofl:

Well… Agree he is broken… But he is a HoTM so chance for him to get buffed post release is extremely low… Last time a HoTM got actually buffed after release is prob Margaret? Added 150% damage to target and nearby.

Also if SG will be buffing someone, then it will likely be Exeera, not Klaern.

No, it is twenty nots

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I think to make Klaern good, his special should be like this:

  • Deals 270% damage to all enemies.
  • All enemies receive 600 Water damage over 5 turns.The caster absorbs 75% of dealt Water damage as health.
  • Element Link gives all Ice allies +10% defense for 4 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled.

Klaern passive is strong for resists mana reduce and silence for himself, then he should have higher damage & speed to be a part of the team.

if the damage could not be inccrease, then he should cleansed or help mates to resist to mana reduce or silenced or ailment immune.

however if he could not have average speed, then he must have deal high damage to all / high DoT / enemies could not cast special skill that for reducing mana, silencing during the Dot.

I did pull him… And he will be churned into a 20 hero in the exchange… Maybe a 15 if lady of the lake shoes up again unexpectedly quickly.

Yea I can’t wait to pull a garbage tier hero only to then have to waste 300 pulls again for a costume to make him an average tier hero. So exciting. Perfect idea.


And what will make this costume for the original hero he still will be trash, you guys can’t understand one thing about the costumes they are not the same hero, the costumes another version of the original hero and you must be lucky to get this specific costume.

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I think there is no point in this discussion: unless nerfing one evidently OP, they are never going to buff some HotM. Can you name one actually buffed in last couple of years…?

If you got him and have better choice, feed him to someone useful, the only wise way.


All come to mind.


I just pulled him and used him on my 2022 Family Team, and even at 1/1 it is underwhelming to use him. I can only imagine what the family bonus will be, but by themselves a legendary hero should be pretty formidable.

The water damage is the easiest way to fix. IMO, Based on how the game and other heroes that are released:

•240% damage to all
•Deals 1000 water damage over 5 turns. The caster and nearby allies absorbs 30% water damage as health. 50% health absorption and uncleansable against fire enemies. Healing absorption increases per each dead enemy by 10%, up to 70%, 90% on fire enemies
•Elemental link - 10% defense for Ice allies for 4 turns (undispellable)

Edit for comparison
I have a LB +20 Agrafena and she can heal almost 300 per turn over 6 turns with her 2nd charge (pretty much slow speed) so it isnt too over powered if Klaern at some point can heal, either himself or hopefully the team, an amount similar. Same with others that can steal healing or self heal ie Vanda, Leonidas or Elkanen


I think the right question is… Which hotm has been buffed and then worth the 4* ascension mats… Margaret, you say… But she was relevant for a few months and is once again an afterthought.

Margaret is the worst hotm after Noor. Klaern is just another decent hotm in a long line of disappointing hotm since Telli. While some hotm since Telli are worth considering a max to 4/80 ( Iris, Viscario, Chak, Devanna, Silv, Zag) most are just bench placeholders.
It’s a shame how little getting a hotm really matters anymore.

-240% damage to all.
-All enemy receive 600/700 water damage over 5 turns. All ally absorbs 25% of the water damage as health.
This was the proper form of this hero.


While balance patches largely limit themselves to adjusting numbers, costumes are an opportunity for SGG to provide a partial rework to a character. I think Klearn is the sort of character who needs a partial rework.

I do recognize a costume doesn’t help the original character, or those who already had them. It’s better to have the original be desirable than wait a few years for a second try again. But Klearn does have some good ideas, even if the final result has been underwhelming.

don’t forget Kara +20

None of them is last two years, can’t see them around at all :wink:

They buffed Thoth-Amun last year.

I actually enjoy using Margaret. I have her LBed and emblemed and that dodge has saved me plenty of times. I think she’s highly underrated.

Back on topic though, @Frozen i think yours is one of the best suggestions I’ve seen. Dude seems to be pretty much a stronger Anzogh