⚖ Hero Balance Discussion: Khufu

Khufu is insanely overpowered. It takes the same enjoyment away from the game that Telly did at one time for everybody, only this is much worse. Insane that he hasn’t been nerfed already!

I’ve thought of quitting the game recently, just because of the creation of this one hero.

If anyone votes that he is weak or well balanced, it’s only because they drew him and profit unfairly from his existence. It’s not because they are serious.

Insane. Please nerf.


Maybe if SG were to remove Khufu’s sand DoT, because if his first hit doesn’t take out your team, that sand DoT will take them out on the next turn.

he is well balanced, indeed, nothing to be worried or to be nerfed.

  • i am khufu owner -

What about a team with M&M and Khufu at her side? Or with Hatchiko’s critical damage? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

doesnt this story like this happened in the past and the result was discouraging?

did u remember GTV (gravemaker, telluria, vela) story and how the nerf happened and now that trio collecting dust and unusable?

stop nerfing heroes let them obsolete naturally by upcoming heroes strong than the current one


He wiped whole teams with one shot. HE’s WAY OP. Why would you put a char like this ingame without testing?


Mono players be crying at a slow hero that they can’t win against smh :rofl:


Well, Ahmose is out… Seems people can stop complaining there’s no other hero hitting all this hard.

Why would you play non emblemmed/non lb heroes against Khufu, etc? Maybe it’s about time to start thinking with your head? Khufu can’t oneshot emblemmed and lb heroes, smh


now stop !!! nerf this ■■■■ !!!

There’s no issue with Khufu at all. These hard hitting heroes are the new meta, just look around the different portals, there are so many of them at the moment. I’m tending to find that many of those complaining just haven’t been lucky enough to pull any of the stronger heroes at the moment. Hopefully your luck changes!


Khufu is way out of balance and everyone knows it. He needs a nerf. Only people that would say otherwise have him and want him to stay OP. No more debate is needed, it is obvious. Only question is if SGG cares when he is a current season hero and nerfing him would hurt their income for s5

Actually, that’s wrong. I have him and think he is completely OP but this is the direction of the game now. To me, it’s a fairly easy fix since the passives is what puts him way over the top. Unfortunately, we’ve seen the last 2-3 months, to fix the OP issue, $nG is dealing a ton more OP heroes so get ready to open your wallets up

450% is holy ■■■■. resolve it please

don’t worry about khufu anymore, there is already the counter a.k.a ahmose. just open up ur wallet if u think khufu is OP and ahmose will join u

btw all…

Khufu has soo many counters :

  • he is slow
  • he hits in line : dodge, blind , taunt, ghost, dead ally stops the line attack (completely different from HIT ALL mechanic which is way better!)
  • mindless attack anyone?
  • there are soo many minions, hp boosters, dmg reducers nowadays to battle heavy dps…

In past, we were always crying slow and very slow heroes dont impact the game… you should feel rewarded using slower and getting their specials off… /Guardian Owl, Azlar,…)
Now when we have slow impact heroes in game, we cry…

I feel in current meta, slow and very slow heroes finally can play a role even outside of rush rules, which is good!

That doesnt mean, I salute SG with extreme power creep in stats and specials strenght overall, which shuts down older heroes to bigger extent…On the contrary I wish, game would focus more on developing other aspects of game more :slight_smile:


Nice thought, you were right, at least there is at least 1 slow hero that many people think useful enough to make an impact in this current meta, otherwise the meta will boringly dominated by only fast heroes


A hero needing balance adjustments has nothing to do with counters. Every hero has them. The ONLY question is if a hero is balanced compared to others. Khufu does better than most sniper damage to all heroes with a high attack stat and with DoT.

No posts will convince people that he doesn’t need a nerf.

Just put him back to his original form, he was fine with that special and still quite good


The main problem for me is “monk”. He can resist Lepiota, he can resist blind, he can resist mindless… His stats are fine, but the class has to be changed to Barbarian.

he was unuseful before the buff in his original form.
nobody use him in defence pre-buff.