⚖ Hero Balance Discussion: Khufu

sorry but I dont have 6 KhFUs so I cant tell you but I dont know he did around 150 less damage per hit before the buff. I dont think thats useless but I guess to each their own

550-600 damage was before his buff 850-900 it’s after, I don’t know but I don’t think this damage Les 150.

Not from what I remember and I dont see how 100% damage would increase 350 to 450. The math doesnt add up. Thats just about what Sobek does and nobody complains he sucks or is OP

For the record, I dont have any issues with KhuFU but have a roster that could play in any alliance outside of the top 10

The special from Khufu is at the limit but would be still OK to handle. The main problem is the additonal sand damage with his passive. The chance dor this skill should be lowered dramatically. Personally I am more afraid to play against Sobek as he fires his special at medium speed.

His sand damage should be removed, and his class should be changed. Then he’ll be fine. Doing 400 DoT damage on top of 1000 damage and being able to avoid silences and mana reduction is just ridiculous.


I noticed this too. Sometimes he barely scratches the defense. Usually he is stronger when I have my second red in there.

I think his damage is a bit much (especially with Miriam and Midnight), but at the same time I do enjoy the challenge.

And Anne is considered balanced how? Both Khufu and Anne need to be adjusted.

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I think in a way as a community we are our own worst enemy for balance discussion.

We either straight out of the boat complain a hero is OP before fighting many and looking at potential counters etc. Or we complain perfectly usable heroes aren’t strong enough.

some people complain as a hobby. You could give them exactly what they want and they would still say something bad. Ironic that unlike the weather, if you don’t like a game there is a way out.

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New holly Masquerade hero (black friday portal) will beat Anne dmg and it isnt conditioned like hers :slight_smile:

my opinion about Khufu is that he’s well balanced in terms of stats but i feel like he’s not a slow hero. Every time i come across him in raids he triggers his CS as if it were a fast hero.

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I’ve gone against him when he fired on my five LB, 20-emblem (defense path) 5* heroes on 100% health. Two of them died and three were in the red zone. That’s way too much power for one hero. He needs a nerf.


Lol your lb 20 emblem 5* full health heros only have 1000hp?


A tough fella to handle but it is managable with some taunt, dodge and of course with a good board.

Unbalanced hero. besides hitting hard. still leaves status disease. It’s broken

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Still needs to be beaten hard with the nerf bat. Disappointed the balance update did not include the change of his class and removal of the DoT.

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Khufu is fine. Normal even when you compare to the new and upcoming releases.


Khufu reduces game enjoyment for me - when raiding / war attacking against him it becomes a matter of have to kill him before he fires or my team of 5* LB heroes just gets wiped out by 1 special by that stage of the fight - kinda makes the fight feel pointless as I don’t have any equivalent hero on attack. My best snipers tend to do slightly less damage to only 1…
The scale of his hit is out of proportion to others, so it becomes a more a game of whether you have him or not, than how you play.
In rush war/raid then it’s just annoying.
Maybe I’m at the wrong place in the game - I’m high enough to encounter him often, but not high enough to counter him…

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There are soooo many counters for Khufu… Even Viv C2 or other attack down heroes do a great job!
Khufu can be devastating, but he is slow… You can build up the best defense. I do not fear Khufu so much as I fear teams with M&M…

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