⚖ Hero Balance Discussion: Khufu

His problem is slow to. The passive is RNG.
if average its better. Like sobek

I don’t forgot absolutely nothing about this hero because I have to watch him every day in my roster and to cry for my f… luck in this game, his problem it’s not the chaining, his problem it’s the speed or this EDD where it’s only for the target, sorry but for me just it’s not possible in one game to have fast hero where can make almost the same damage to apply EDD to all, to block ailments and another one almost the same but slow and to apply EDD only to the target, I don’t want Khufu to be the best in the game but just to be good and in the outer aspects of the game, not only in one color titan .

he was one of the worst since beta
i do wish he get more buffs. i didn’t notice only one target gets his EDD

btw i got him too (my only s5 5*)
unlikely to max him unless something changed. even speed buff as suggested would be good enough

and for green titans i use my green team with chameleon

Don’t worry I will stop it very soon.

What do you like about him then? Try this for a change.

I like the chain effect, I played with Wilbur and Wren and thought they worked extremely well together, well now I’ve the same element to pair with Wilbur with elemental defense down. I’m not concerned with the chain being broken as Wilbur will be sharing the damage amongst all “but any slow hero with Wilbur will do that” I don’t want the same mechanic in all heroes. People just want the game as boring as possible with every hero being as close to each other. I’m also not fussed if he’s slow, I can pair him with heroes to speed up his mana. I’m fortunate to have Asterius and I think they’ll play great together to bust tanks. I’m not trying to be the best, I’m trying to enjoy the game and the diversity that the characters bring. I like this character and he needs no buffs or nerfs.

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Buff Khufu for EDD against all enemies, or make him average…


I have him but have not fed him enough to raise him more than a level or two. I used him in that tournament where you could only use each hero once we had not too long ago, he did well. He’s slow as molasses though so it makes up for his attack.

You really deserve heroes like him, and SG it’s make them like this UP exactly because of people like you, no one told about his chain, the chain it’s not the problem on him but the chain in slow speed and the EDD only to one, I am happy for you thah you are happy with him but just it’s not ok when they have him and after 1 month they are releasing hero like G. Panther, also it’s not ok when you attack somebody like you make it because this person wants exactly diversity in game, and this diversity to come with free buffs and not with costumes.

Why do you keep comparing him to other heroes? he is his own hero. “Slow heroes do that, guardian panther does this” You’re flogging a dead horse here mate. If I see a green tank, boss, titan, or someone stacking green, I’m not going to be thinking “Guardian Panther” So seeing as Guardian Panther is your argument point, should we make them both the same?


Khufu got buffed, that should make a lot of people happy :slight_smile:

Direct damage: 350% → 450%


Are you happy now? Lol I am, I just finished levelling him


He’s a savage beast right now…thank you :slight_smile:


His damage never was the problem, his speed, his chain and his EDD just to one was, but again SG again don’t listening, yes I am happy that they make something for him but this not was the proper buff.


I agree that increase of speed would have been better.
But at least with 450% he is not benched anymore for many players. Now he is not mainly a titan hero.
Happy gaming

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i agree, there were better ways to buff him. it seems SG doesn’t buff speeds after release. only case i remember is atomos after months of him being useless.

but i am still happy khufu got updated. i maxed mine after the buff, he’ll be a very good option in rush

Don’t forgot and Lewena, after this changes to Lewena he become one very good and useful hero and he take place in a lot of defenses, if they really want this “fresh air” in top 100 they must toch the speed of Khufu, like slow hero he will not replace Lewena C. Kong and Octros, in every outer color we have have a lot of good options for defense that tee can swap in red it’s only this 3, if they really want to see him in top 100 war defenses they must return his damage back to make his passive to activate 60% (like Sobek) and to make him average speed, this was the proper buff for him but again they just make something just to be said that they make something.

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Chances are when khufu fires he is only going to be a sniper or hit 2, so at least the bufff to damage helps him become a better sniper.

They need to nerf Khufu immediately. He is too powerful even at slow speed. Slow speed heroes on a defense charge stupid fast. One went off on turn TWO of my raid just now and knocked my entire team into slivers of critical health. ONE HIT. Slash attacks killed everyone by the next turn. I’m sorry, but that’s just too damn much. I mean where do they go from there? Same hero but average speed? SG, look at your metrics and tell me this guy isn’t too good. If he goes off it’s basically over.


I think SGG creates certain heroes knowing they aren’t as strong to dilute the pool of legendary heroes - a point that has been made more obvious by the introduction of soul exchange and different legendary heroes costing different amounts.