⚖ Hero Balance Discussion: Khufu

To all the dudes that always write “he is no problem, just use this and this blue hero and he is finished within seconds”!
You forget something. No one has only Kufu in his team! There are four others you have to care about.
Like the dicsussion about Ludwig. “He is easy to kill like bane. Just take 3x Mist and 2x Milosi.”
Guys, there are still other heroes in the team.
What about a team of Goseck, Ruby, Khufu, Ludwig and another OP Hero of your choice .
You cannot take 20 Heroes with you - just 5!
Fine if you kill one with your “anti-Khufu-” or “anti-Ludwig”-Team, but you have also to defeat the other 4 enemies to win the battle!

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I agree with @Homaclese in that he needs his Class changed to Barbarian. Currently he is able to resist the very things that would help mitigate his full impact.

That is a realistic nerf that would help people while still keeping Khufu one the better defense heroes in the game.

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I just faced him as 1 of the 2 tanks with Garnett, Cobalt, Sobek, C skadi, and Knushu. He goes off, I didn’t have anything except 1 match, the raid was over in 6 turns. Khufu was the only special that went off and at the time, I was at least 80% healthy with all the heroes.

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Many things. Not all of them. There are two things that destroy him fairly easily. Trust me. I have him on my team and I’ve seen it. I’m not going to give away the secret but with his main attack, there is a weakness. I exploit it when I fight against him.

@Rabiddogg are you talking about Dodge and Ghost mechanics?

Ghosting with Ameona or Ludhaigh (sp?) will work so long as you put them in the middle. Of course it doesn’t help those in the initial chain. Tested with Ameona, didn’t feel it was better then simply trying to blitz Khufu and team out using VF and Fast heroes though.

Taunting will of course work great, Krampus, BK, etc.

Dodging is also a good choice.

There are options, but for me the fact that he can resist Silence, Blind, Attack Down, and Mindless Attack through his class talent, is what pushes him over the edge since those are abilities even 4 star heroes have and many people subsequently have to use.

Khufu needs to be battle changing I feel as do all Slow hero s to compensate for the Fast hero meta. That said he needs to be more easily countered and Monk class is causing issues.

Dodge works but I was thinking of something else. There is one type of hero, almost everyone has in the 4 star class that kills him.

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If it’s about the counterattack then it’s not that good of a deal taking 450% or more chain damage to defeat just one hero.

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probably it could be ameonna costume

1- fast
2- heal and defense boost
3- 20% to nullify khufu entirely and 80% chain hit only 2

she is great but some players will refuse to use her because she is a 4*

plenty of great 4* who are better than 5* but are widely underutilised and underrated.

plenty of ways to counter/cut/shutdown khufu.
she is one of the faster options

i am sure there are more other 4* options too


On a VF war he will wipe out your entire team easily, paired with a taunter for the additional attack boost and you’re done pretty much at his first special, while your team is still whole….game over!

I just experienced treevil and him in a war. 4 turns and it was over :joy:

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Ameonna costume is one of the best upgrades of a hero in the game!

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I were thinking exacly at her :slight_smile:
She may be one of the best anti-chain hit mechanic. Anyway, I only fear Khufu more than Sobek just on rush battles but things may change after the release of Styx troops as they would get mana generation along with a chance to bypass buffs such as Taunt.

I pair him with Mia Yang (or however its spelled) and Freya usually. Its fun to watch if I can get 2-3 Ravens per hero then nailing the other team with his special. Against the Ninja tower I paired the three of them with Ingulf the final wave killed itself after one match

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I pair him with Wilbur and BK, the other 2 is not that important. If Khufu fires after Wilbur and BK, its almost a full team oneshot.

I don’t have either of those two or anyone similar as far as I can tell. I’ve never even faced Wilbur.

Gave Khufu a run in ToL at an early level 2.13 in his training. Already hits pretty hard. Going to take a month or so to level him up, but he’s going to be a mainstay of my teams. Need to stumble on 4 more hidden blades.

So… When? When do you get nerf to khufu ? When? He’s the most abused hero in the whole game and from a very far distance. So when? just nerf it

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that’s actually overkill…

When? After they’ve milked the players for all their money! Maybe after he’s featured a time more or two.

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