⚖ Hero Balance Discussion: Khufu

Your argument would be more compelling if you showed what heroes you were using. I can put in bad heroes, have bad tiles, or use a bad strategy and lose any battle then demand a nerf.


you just a newbie and don’t know how to play the game or win the raid. spend more to get more stronger hero instead asking for a nerf!

note: i am a khufu owner, i should protect him from any nerf at all cost lol. unless i don’t own khufu, i will join u to nerf him. :rofl:


needs nerf all the heroes i don’t have !!!
ruby , miki , bane , khepri , benou … the list is long

learn to play or change the game
change of game is better


This might be the most astounding claim I’ve ever seen on the boards: “I have never gotten Bane.”

I am duly impressed, sir. I tip my hat. In fact, I went to my closet and got a second hat so that I could tip that one as well.

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Nah been here for years bro.

I have just about all the new heroes captain.

You obviously don’t know the mathematics behind damage %. Or you wouldn’t be saying that.

Not sure about this. Just faced 4 teams with Khufu, all over 5100TP and had 0 issues facing him. This constant “nerf this and that” parade that’s been going on around is getting a bit childish.


I doubt it. Talk is cheap.

I’ve been a beta tester for a long time. When I see something that is not right. It’s my duty to make it aware. Calculate your potential damage on your heroes. See where he stands.

Nah. It’s not. Literally zero issues facing Khufu. You, as someone who has just about all the new heroes, should know he’s not a threat if you know how to play the game. But here you are…complaining.

No nerf needed. Thank you

I didn’t get any of the season V legendaries so I think SG should nerf them all. :rofl:


Your duty?? :rofl::rofl: They dont listen to us 99% of the time while the heros are in beta so you have no duty. At this point the power creep is beyond control. Nerfing one hero now is like putting a bandaid on someone bitten by a great white. They will just replace him with an even more powerful hero for people to chase and the cycle continues


I agree with the nerf, he deals over 900 to ALL the team, that’ ridiculous. My team power is 4967.

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Sorry to say that there’s no nerf in the sight but the solution is coming…

Amhose, a future new S5 hero, will show up with a red reflect skill

So the solution is spend a lot of $$$ trying to pull for this hero


I’ve been on both sides of him, fighting with him and against him. He is powerful but beatable as he is slow. I can beat him fairly quickly with my blue team. I have also seen him demolish an all green team. Like the others have said, its about strategy.

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Just pulled Khufu off some Dunes coins I picked up. No nurf needed.


Goseck makes khufu look like a kitten at times. Jsut when you think you got him dead bam 700% damage and destroys ypur day. Scares me alot mlre then khufu.

But this is power creep :person_shrugging:

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Not really. His class often resists ailments

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