⚖ Hero Balance Discussion: Kalø

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And where can you play this, war/raid/tourney? .4 unleveled hero’s are all dead, Kalo manages to fire and then he’s dead too, unless of course you played 4 MN’s. and managed to revive 1/2 who would be dead on the next round.

I think you’re giving him more credit than he deserves.

Is he a good hero, absolutely but game changing, not imo.


i completely agree!

just some are doing this on attack saying he is OP

i don’t want him nerfed but SG has a history of going overboard without any middle ground


Please no Nerf Kalo.


Thanks in advance and live long and prosper

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don’t damage the game. No nerf kalo.


I think he’s OP on VF defense as a 4*. You have to kill him first otherwise he casts MN and Alfrike special. He’s better than a 2nd MN or Alfrike which is crazy for a 4*.

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Been thinking about it and outside of rush I don’t really think I’m that concerned.

He’s likely to be stuck on the wing so he is easy enough to avoid firing large bunches of tiles into until ready to take him out, plus if need be can mana control him while finishing off the main threats.

In VF sure he can be a pain but so can lots of people. I’d be more concerned still I think with double ressers bringing back ready to fire heroes instead.

On offence, yes you can tailor a team to take advantage of him. I think it’s a risky thing to do though especially at the higher levels. If RNG isn’t in your favour and the slash attacks and specials all target him or a taunt/ counter attack is up when he is ready to fire then the survivability likely isn’t there to wait it or a dodge out and you’ll be dead soon.

Nice vids, but I’d be interested in a full winrate at excess of 2400 cups using everyone else at 1/1 as suggested without skipping and for at least 50 raids to get more of an idea how flukey it is.


I just finished my first Kalo, he’s pretty great when your sides all alive ! When he hits after Evelyn he’s getting 700-870 damage emblemed 5s, and in the 500 neighborhood with no debuff, he’d be strongest hit all green I have with just that part of the special

So I guess my question would be, why would anyone facing him on defense, save him for last allowing him to cast his special and pull in the specials of all 4 heroes. I know bad luck happens, but typically don’t you try and take out the biggest threat first? It should be extremely rare to face one on defense and then have him be the last one standing. I think calling for a nerf of a hero based on a rare and worst case scenario is a bit crazy.

Even if paired with a res hero and you kill him first and he comes back. Just kill him again, that scenario happens all the time with other heroes.


Right but why is the 4* the biggest threat on a team of the best 5*s? Doesn’t that inherently make him overpowered?

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Ahh, no.

I was actually just Kalo’d yesterday during a raid with my full leveled 4900 TP attack team.

I would argue that it makes him more accessible not more OP. The OP comes from the heroes paired with him. If paired with 4 dawas I am not too worried. If a person has 5 AVG hit alls on defense and they all go off the same time it is the same result as him firing off 4 at once. It sucks when that happens, but not a reason to nerf any of them.

He is creative and fun and if you decide to ignore him can be devastating, but if you face one on defense make him the first priority.


Can remember quite a few times it happened to me, Frigg firing followed with Octros and someone else. Quite devastating

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Having a 4 star hero being the priority “take out” on a defense of four other 5 star heroes is beyond absurd.

A four star hero should not have the ability to completely turn around a fight with 5 star heroes under any circumstance. It’s the very definition of him being overpowered.

It’s arguable that a 5 star hero shouldn’t have that type of power either, especially at average speed. But he’s not even that.

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Sounds like youre just fine with a 4* hero being overpowered because he’s easier to get… That’s the type of hero SG tends to nerf. Rare and OP heroes get left alone. OP hotm get nerfed.

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I’m thinking Kalo will have some nice synergy with some of my heroes at 3/70. Really looking forward to playing around with him.

I do like when 4* are able to compete, I think it gives people that don’t dump money into the game some joy and a chance to compete. But I don’t feel like this hero is as drastically OP as people are making him out to be based on a scenario that 1) Happens on rare occasions where a person chose not to target him and killed 4 other heroes saving him for last. and 2) Even if he has out survived 4 highly emblemed and LB 5* you still have to have game changing heroes paired with him to be game changing.

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I believe that’s majority of people with insane rosters are complaining. Because they could pair him with any hero in existence. I can’t do that because I get Exeera once in 200 pulls


If Anton was a 4* I am facing I would make him a priority also to prevent the res. It is OK to target a 4* first if they will cause you the most problems. Him being a 4* actually helps to “balance” him because he can’t get those extremely tanky stats making him easier to pick off on the wing.