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I do not quite follow the math :joy_cat: Previously you took (for example) a healer and four hitters. Now you can instead take Hanitra and… four! hitters. As long as Hanitra is not considered a hitter I do not see how this works out.

No wait… you mean that previously you took a healer + a dodger + three others? Now those two are combined in Hanitra?


Yeah, had a hard time with his logic unless he brought a healer and dodger separately :slight_smile:


Yeah that is what I understood from
His post. May be he was taking inari for dodge and vivica or prof L for heal and 3 hitters. Now he has hanitra to dodge and heal so he is able to take one more hitter (vivica +inari =hanitra) so one extra spot left for hitter.

Lol yes make no sense, if you replace a your healer for Hanitra it is just direct replacement, same 4 hitter there is not extra spot. Now Hanitra it is not a true healer so now you have 55% chance that your hero does not get heal and just die


Guys, I don’t have a dodger & hence haven’t used one till now…

Now, you may please read the above points…

Also, I am not replacing a healer with Hanitra… as I have clearly written in bullet points mode for your understanding…

Rest, you can enjoy your confusion, bcoz, I am not :rofl:

Nitpicking discussion confuse the nitpicker…

There are many teams out there without a healer, both defence / offense… especially in diamond !

I haven’t used her on offense but I have placed her on defense for laughs as she was stuck at 3/70.

Well my team sat in the mid 2600 cups and stayed there no problem. Team power was low 2500 with Hinatra (3/70 special at 8) / Brynhild (+19) / C.Elena (+9) / C.Krampus (+20) / Bera (+20). The team went 24-15 which is amazing and convinced me to give her darts.


But if you add Hanitra instead of your healer, you don’t have an extra space…

This is what is not clear about your above notes…

Of course you can take Hanitra + 4 DD now, instead of Hanitra + hearler + 3 DD if that’s what you want to do…
If not, it makes even less sense…

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Repeat copy paste from above: :rofl: specially for you :wink:

Step - by - step:

  • 5 Heroes go to raid / play…
  • Normally I take a healer as one of those 5 heroes…
  • Now I have the option to take Hanitra for her dodge as one of those 5 heroes…
  • She gives me an OPTION to NOT take my healer & instead, take a hitter… of my choice / colour…

Her passive is what makes her at least equal to c.Kad.

That +5% mana on buff probably keeps her firing much more often. I have Brynhild next to her so the combination is probably very irritating to attackers. Brynhild casts 3 buffs to include +24% mana generation.


Yup the first one correct :joy: hanitra and 4DD. He is still trying to confuse everyone :crazy_face:



less confusing explanation would have been:
Now I can replace my healer with Hanitra, so I don’t need to take one Damage dealer out…

However, I get what you want to say now…
before it sounded like you want to take 6 heroes instead of 5 ^^


Lmao :smile: there you go, some pictures :rofl:


:point_up_2:Current team

:point_up_2:I would normally take… with any dodger = Hanitra, C.Kad, Inari…


:point_up_2:This possible with Hanitra, as I can chose a hitter (colour / type) as per need of the moment = DD, EDD, dispel, cleanse, etc…

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: those who want to do things, do it… not discussion till end of time ! Now read the previous points & still confused … can’t help…!

@MichlD90 : I am sure you can now count the number of heroes above & my points are clear…

The whole confusion is being caused by everyone assuming that Hanitra will replace my healer… Nope… as the picture shows… Hanitra simply brings a unique flexibility - room for hero use as per need… especially on offence !

I think the confusion was from where you said originally Hanitra can give the benefit of playing without a healer. Whereas you are now in your teams showing Hanitra plus a healer.

@Kilted : seriously :rofl: … come on… pls look properly… there is NO confusion… there are 3 pictures… & all along, I spoke about picture No-3… where I have not taken a healer & included Onyx instead of Ariel.

I have also explained the benefit of each Picture & in the final Picture-3, explained …selection choice of hitter as per need of the hour !

I can’t help a person who is working very hard to stay confused… for the one who is keen, will find a way… :rofl:

Well, as long as you’re happy, that’s the main thing.

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:rofl: I am happy… seems sharing an idea is a difficult thing :rofl:

I do not think that has to do with her but with the other heroes that you have. I have her at +12 the first week I was keeping cups on the 2400s in the last couple days I dropped to 2200s
frig+12, crigard+11,Master lepus +7, ruben +1, Hanitra+12

For sure it has her use, I like her against Afreki, it might be good for rush wars if you can get her firing before Alfrike

Here is a video if you interested to see her in action


Try hanitra on offense with buffer heroes like zulag, brinhild, aeron… Mica!!! Then post again about this Hero.

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Well my usual Defense has her and Bryn replaced with Vivica (+19) and Kadilen (+20) and the rest the same heros.

They can keep me comfortably in the 2500 but I fall out of the 2600s.

Granted. It’s not a huge sample size. Team went 7-3 since my last post on defense and is currently at 2645. She is currently 4/34.

Personally I think it does really depend on how she synergize with your team and she really benefits from Brynhild and her 3 buffs to include increased mana generation and protection dispell buffs.

I’m f2p and she is only my 2nd yellow 5 star so it was an easy sell for me to ascend her.

And thanks for the linker video!

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