⚖ Hero Balance Discussion: Hanitra

@PlayForFun Could you please create a hero balance discussion thread for Zhuge Liang ?

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Ok, @Dessertrose I can do it. I Will add the t soon.

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I play Hanitra with other defensive heroes. I Play her Vs teams with lot of AOE and without healers trying to survive and wear down the opponent.

I think Hanitra can win an asault alone and Hanitra can loose an asault alone too. Sometimes she prevents an amazing amount of damage and other times she is absolutely useless.

So my opinion, in a game where it’s suposed to win most assaults on atack, i can’t bet at random of Hanitra. Disappointing hero.

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I use her daily in a yellow stack with Sif, Prof. Lidenbrock, Wolfgang and Motega.
The combination of Sif’s buffs, Motega’s blind and Hanitra’s dodge is priceless (moreover, put Hanitra next to Sif in order to maximize her passive mana gen). I agree this offensive team is very very passive, but it allowed me to win a lot of raids.

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Had high hopes for Hanitra, but found her to be unreliable : useless.


Please buff Hanitra - get her off the bench and make her more relevant in the game today


Hanitra could use some additional help.

I would add, in addition to health boost on dodge:

  • Extend dodge chamce for 1 turn
  • does 200% damage to all enemies
  • adds 24% mana generation for 4 turns.
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I think she is in a good spot, and no need to compare any hero to another, each one has its role to play with its specifications…
C.Kad is more like an offensive hero, while hanitra is on the defence tune…
And what i prefer about hanitra is her passives, she always fire and then she transforms into a V.fast hero.
I’ve tried the most buffers i can get.
Her special never wears off lol

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Only with multiple other heroes helping her. I could say that about any hero. She stinks on her own.

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For someone that doesn’t own many 5* heroes, she stinks like ■■■■. She can’t do much on her own. I believe she should do some damage to all, and higher dodge rate. I see some 3* and 4* heroes do much better than her…

She is ok as she is. Fast mana dodger, she can be even faster after she fired just once or if another buffer gives her buffs. I usually pair her with Sif in this purpose. So if we consider that she can virtually be very fast (or very very fast), she does a lot ! Don’t forget she is what she is : a support hero. She is made in order to SUPPORT your team, not to wreck your opponent.


Wow you have great yellow hero. Not like me lol, my support hero (giving hanitra buff) just vivica with her defense buff. Yes i am f2p. Few 4 star yellow heroes that give buff for their allies. Hope she can do more skill.

The problem with hanitra is that she doesn’t dodge at all she has the same dodge rate as kadilen costume but using it is disappointing. I have both heroes on 2 accounts and can say that after months of using with 20 feats of hanitra emblems and less than (C) kadilen even in dodging.

Hanitra needs at least a little offensive power or ability to dodge regular attacks in addition to special skill attacks or create minions or lengthen the number of turns her dodge is active. Currently she is not good enough for me to use darts on and when I fight against her I just kill her with tiles waiting for her dodge to quickly disappear.

She’s hotm. She’s free. Just be thankful we’re not nerfing her.

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Really? She is doing great for me. Maxed 3 of her. You need to pair her with another healer/cleanser. Don’t treat her as a healer but dodger.


Twenty characters of :no_mouth: :dizzy_face: :thinking:

People miss that she is technically very fast after her Initial cast, you can load her with three ghost tiles of you have a Mana troop with her.

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As a professional dodge hero, she is entitle buffed.
Since healing is her bonus from the dodging skill, she should have additional permanent boost healing skill before dodging.
If so, I believe she will be popular in all round war amd events,but still not considered a powerful healer.

As trite as it sounds, how good Hanitra is depends a lot on whom else you have.

Notably, there a lot of really powerful hit-all/hit-chain/hit-3 heroes, and while one of the best replies may be to have Taunt up for their firing

(A) you may or may not have Taunt, or enough Taunt for war, or Taunt in the right color/etc. range for tourneys and such, and

(B) Taunt may be no faster than, or even slower than, some of the big hitters — and a Taunt you can’t get up before the big incoming boom ain’t helping

So another decent potential counter is Dodge. Now, yeah, Taunt does work and Dodge may work, but Dodge (like Hanitra’s) is faster, and so more likely available when you actually need it.

So the question becomes how much Dodge do you have?

If you’re packing cKadilen and cFreya and Bastet and gods know who else — or if you just have such Fast offensive powerhouses that you don’t feel the need to ever dodge because you’re too busy leaving smoking craters — then Hanitra may not look very powerful.

If you have few or other alternatives, Hanitra definitely helps. Sure, people compare her unfavorably to cKadilen but

(A) you may not have cKadilen
(B) you may like to have more than one dodger and/or in more than one color
(C) Hanitra is, at worst, barely less than cKadilen really.