⚖ Hero Balance Discussion: Goseck

I find this concerning indeed. It’s very difficult to recover from a Goseck special, I just fought one that went off and did 1300+ damage to all my heroes - including LB1+18 5*s.

Seems a bit too much IMO, granted his speed does make up for it a bit.

I’ll make the admission that this request for him to be nerf comes after facing him in Attack Boost war recently and only throwing a few tiles on him and knocking him down to or around 50% health (he probably had more like 55%). I had a team that, if I remember correctly, only had 2 4* heroes and the rest 5* heroes.

After struggling to get matches, he goes off and instant-kills everyone IMMEDIATELY. No more than 4 turns passed.

Idk. Initially, he seemed neat, but maybe he’s still somehow too fast for him dealing this much damage. I don’t even think Alfrike does this much damage (or at least, can’t unless she’s striking a Taunt hero). Knock him down to very slow.

Wait a second. So somebody is considering Goseck OP :rofl:. C’mon guys. There are much more faster heroes that make us live a true horror every single raid. And yes, I am talking about Aramis. Goseck is slow, meta tank (maybe) in very fast war and that is all. Just use some boost healers, holy mono, silence status, mindless and so on on him. Just be creative


The fact that his special keeps wiping out my team tells me he’s way too strong. Drop his special attack % by 40-50% please.