⚖ Hero Balance Discussion: Exeera

SGG had come to the conclusion that damage increase special skills scaling off shields (AKA tiles) were enough to make a hero good but didn’t remember that all of the previously released heroes had a useful secondary skill and dealt direct damage… or healed in Alexandrine case.



She got a sloppy uncleansable effect on fire enemies only and an ice immunity drawback.
It would have been a lot better if instead of this she would have dealt a fixed amount of damage and a turn reduction based upon the Ice shields on the board plus some other useful effect.

Here a basic example:

  • Dispels buffs from all enemies
  • All enemies receive X Water damage over 3 turns, the duration is lowered by 1 turn for every 3 Ice shield on the board becoming instantaneous with 9 or more Ice shields.

Exeera is the worst among the worst

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Well said. Hopefully, they will buff her. I still have hope : )

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I always think that they are gradually improving the game. An upgrade to Exeera is a more usable hero in play therefore upgrades.

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We are all waiting this day :slight_smile:


Instead of buffing Exeera, they are releasing a new S2 hero which is precisely similar to the Exeera that we are asking for.


I don get it, how is the Tethys similar to exeera in any way?

I meant conceptually: a strong blue dot hero. Not exactly the same, but although we already got a weak and buff needing hero, they wasted her and gonna release a new one…

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These were exactly my thoughts. Tethys as a S2 hero should have had the Exeera’s special. She could be in the same Family as Mok-Arr.

Then Exeera should have had Tethys’ special. This is an S4 level special. Something went really wrong there at the SGG HQ.

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the sooner buff Exeera, S Loki, Reuben … sooner the game will improve. Do your job quickly please.

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So many heroes are in need of fine tuning these days :pensive: It´s an awful shame, that such beautiful artwork goes to waste like that, when their special skill makes them much less desireable.

In no portal in this game should summoning a five star you do not have make you feel dissapointed. Sure, getting the ‘wrong’ five star is never great, but getting a five star that you already know in advance you´re never going to use seems like a serious flaw in the system.


well said Gwniver… very well.

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Salmon Loki has got his buff, and now he is a tricky but strong hero, which can annihilate whole team if RNG is on his favour. Not to mention disruption of tile play.

Exeera is waiting.

The game is for players to play. If a general playerbase is completely against some design, then the designer should rework such hero.

Practically in every topic of ‘unwanted’ heroes there are ‘defenders’ of a hero. So it got it’s niche. So it is relevant in some way.

There is no defender of Exeera.


Certain S Loki had a buff. Exeera has a lousy design. Exeera needs a major buff.

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Normally everyone wants five star hero in underwild when you summon a fivestar hero you get weakling like exeera and so i am requesting this game to change some heroes skill especially exeera . Hey empires and puzzles if you are reading this then please try making exeera like odin or frigg but not exeera please guys this hero needs a buff really badly


I have her fully maxed and would like to see some balancing. Make her deal dot to everyone and max her damage at 8 tiles instead of 12 would make her decent enough

@PlayForFun Could you create a balance discussion topic for Ferant ?

The top 10 defense of the recent tournament show that he might need to be nerfed.


Ok @u2371 here it is:


What information do you have? about exeera will be buffed? because after summoning i always hope…it’s an ss4 hero

I do not have any information on any planned buffs.

Even this March blaance update comes from the thin air from me.
I have not even expected a balance update sooner than April.

So anything is possible. After the most recent balance updates I would keep at least 1 copy from all heroes even the most useless ones too in case a Balance update buff it.