⚖ Hero Balance Discussion: Exeera

Just remove the ice immunity, she is totally defence hero, but this thing breaks her totally down. SG please.


Actually fought her on a defense team and she was useless, it was one of the easiest raids I’ve had to do. She’s so UP (underpowered) :joy:

What happened?
Lock the picture pls

According to the picture, the amount of damage should be 273 And with 9 blue stones on the board, the damage should be more But why does 208 damage to the enemy ??

That 273 + 9* 39 = 624 Water damage is applied over 3 turns so 624 / 3 = 208 damage per turn.

So it is working as expected.


Don’t put this chick on defense… EVER!


Omg she really is pretty bad. She is one of the only heroes that could potentially do no damage to anyone (of all colours) with the simple fire of a status ailment blocker, other than JF but at least he also has the defence flip. I feel like Mokk-Arr is way better with his direct damage :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s why she’s just badly designed. If she only had priority dispel.
Also, get guardian chameleon when SE arrives. He pretty much solves all of exeera’s problems

What a dissappointment, this hero! I still don’t know if it’s worth it to spend the resources to level her up, they really should buff her up, this card design is unacceptable and a mockery to the players who invest in the game to pull it. I understand that not all cards can be strong as Elizabeth and Xnopold and so on, but they should have at least some use somewhere!

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