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She’s very strong. Stop asking for silly buffs.
Her problem in usability is her speed that (just like all other slow heroes) makes her basically unusable for attacking.
What needs to change isnt the hero, its the way the game goes that makes using anything that is slower than average mana basically unusable in attacking teams regardless of how strong their special is.
The game needs more heroes like original Xnolphod, but simply releasing such heroes will just make another exploitive meta that will lead to nerfs. What would be smart, is SG releasing heroes that function differently on atrack vs defense. On attack giving mana like Xnolphod, on defensive acting differently. For refference think of the passive of Elemental heroes which gives 100% more troop dmg on attack, and 10% dmg resistance on defense. So they could make slow heroes usable in attack with such synergies without breaking the game on defense… but i lost faith in SG’s capabilities of balancing things smartly.


She’s great on titans already for me at 3/70. She’s second on my list of next for the darts. She’s fun and I like her animation.

I wouldn’t change her special, but I do wish she was Average speed. That’s really the only “buff” I would want.


She’s great, but her speed is killing her. She doesn’t need different specials, but could use an increase of speed to average.
If speed is not increased to average, then indeed an increase of the primary hit to e.g. 320% and secondary hits to 240% would be a nice and necessary buff.

In the current state, I only use her against titans (where she’s great) and in my B or C team in war.


she is ok. nothing more and less, i have 2 of her and do not thinking of leveling her up, as i test her in beta all leveled, when she is ready to fire game is usually already finished, i win or lost not important, she is great but missing something or bit more power or take of her last part and make her avarage, compare her with other slow heroes in last 1year that is added and she is ok-ish, shame as her art work and all is very nice

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Poll says 61% of voters think Eset is weak. Period. She needs a buff.


Exactly. Last part can stay the same.

that depends on who you’re comparing her to. Against Wolfgang, she’s evenly match, though she’s slower. Against Justice and G. Owl, she’s a God. Against Poseidon, Akkrog, Horus, Papyros she is their equal, if not better. I’m not sure what you and everyone else is hoping for, but I think she is good for what she does and at the speed she is.

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Agree. depending on who you compare it to. why not compare him with jove or anne or aramis?? if compare Eset with them. then eset is too far behind right? Eset looks like little puppy. LOL. and not apples with apples buddy.
IMHO. it is wiser for us to compare with heroes who are a little newer or who have more or less the same skill mechanism.
The blue drinker 5 * from musteker, he is the most similar in skill to Eset. slow heroes. have extra damage. buff tiles. but his damage is 380% to all enemies. 380% × 5 = 1900% (this does not include the Extra damage deal for fire-type enemies).
Eset = 250% target. 180%x5 = 1.150%.
if said target to dark hero. 5 random attacks hit dark hero too.
250%+50% = 375%. 180%+50% x 5 = 1.350%
total = 1.725%. Note : CMIIW about % extra damage.
can already see the difference …

let’s compare with Congalah hero from S4. 310% x 5 = 1.550% (definite damage). he’s just weaker than Eset. IF eset with 5 dark type enemies on defense or 5 random attacks on dark type heroes. if conditions are NORMAL. Eset is still weaker than congalah.

I don’t think there’s any need to compare him to Khufu ( after big balance update) or Sneferu. it’s obvious too much difference.

here they don’t ask buff to be OP. but at least, they ask Eset to be the same as the newest slow hero now.

we can’t compare too much with the old heroes.
I give an example. Hurricane has the same mechanics as C2 Azlar. but C2 Azlar is weaker. so we can’t compare with the old heroes… it won’t run out.
wiser. you balance the discussion about old heroes and ask buffs for them.

Sad gaming :frowning:

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I was comparing her to other holy heroes. Holy heroes in general are not very offensive besides Jove and Anne are the only outliers. The other colors have far more options to deal massive damage, yellow doesn’t.

Eset supppose to be the leader of all offensive holy heroes in season 5. But we don’t see that. Khufu is doing that for fire, a bunch of heroes like Ahmose, El Nadahha and so on is doing that for nature, a bunch of heroes like Khepri, Sneferu, Bastet even tanky Set is doing that for dark, mr crocodile is doing that for blue. Whatever just enjoy the game.

Which holy hero is better than Eset from season 5?

Always in comparison with similar best heroes from the other elements, it’s about balance. So it doesn’t matter if she is strongest holy in season 5 or if it takes 2nd or 3rd place.

Just tested her damage and it’s a complete joke. Slow speed 180% to 5. Weakest yellow after papyrous. I agree with @marki. She should be FAST not even average.

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Another alternative is to leave her slow and increasing the hits from 5 randoms + 1 to 6 randoms + 1.

I got this hero among others. From experience when I saw these 4 things in her card: 1) 180% damage, 2) extra damage against dark, 3) slow speed, 4) tiles… I knew something is not right with this hero. Watching all the negative reviews and comments I confirmed it. Usually when you see a strong hero card the description is very specific but not with this one. I have others to ascend but she definately needs some kind of buff.QW1



@NewbieOne I agree in all.

Don’t get why you make some heroes strong like Khufu and others weak. How this contributes to balance? Myth of Eset is among the greatest in Egypt her special should be a lot stronger. Why someone give emblems to her? She doesn’t even have a mindless attack like Alfrike season3 hero. Nobody cares about titan damage it’s a priority to buff her at big balance update before becomes a waste.

That’s how I feel about Set, however, if you were to choose one over the other, who would you choose if you HAD TO CHOOSE one?

If you mean about powering one hero in season 5 I would say all of them. Why choosing one? Set for example in very good in what he does 40% hp per minion this is a lot plus his mana ability. Don’t know if he could have been better cause I don’t have him to use him. Each hero with the right balance should be great. Of course it’s normal for some heroes to have more attractive traits but that’s secondary. So from that point of view Eset needs a boost because she doesnt function as she supposed. And now with the increase in power stats that SG wants to include in balance update she is going to function even less efficient.

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She deals damage to one certain and five uncertain target and amplifies the tiles on the board. What she does is great and isn’t over bearing.

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If there are tiles on the board. This is very situational almost insignificant.

Yes, but it’s not enough. Overall she is mayby a little better than c Justice which I don’t even use. This is my opinion.