⚖ Hero Balance Discussion: Costumed Guardian Panther

She is very powerful, but I’d say much more so on offence than defence. She is great against titans, or paired with other purples on a raid (or in legendary challenge festival!). SGG don’t tend to nerf OP attackers, so I would honestly be surprised if she got a nerf.

I just had a look at the current top 50 defences. She is only on 5. Only 1 in the top 20. With some very crude assumptions, that means top players are facing her about 1 in every 10 raids. That doesn’t seem to break the variety of defences you play against. That again tends to be one of SGG’s reasons for nerfing. So I’d be surprised if she gets nerfed on that basis too.

They also base nerfs on their ‘metrics’, which of course I have no idea what they look like for her right now. So it is possible they will produce some of those and decide to balance her, but I suspect they won’t.

I’m sure we’ll know in the next few days…

That was my point.

Happy gaming

And don’t forget they work even with mindless attack (Alfrike) too

Her special is exceptionally strong, there’s no doubt about it. Just look at C-Lepus by comparison. Fast, same damage, but a drawback because it’s recognized that his special is strong. Sobek, also comparable, G-Panther does much more. Onyx’s special also comparable, but look at the number of tiles required to hit that third tier.

OP is OP. People justifying her strength because she’s not a defensive hero is a poor argument. And if the game is headed in the direction of even more powerful heroes than G-Panther, we should all ask Zynga to cool their jets because unless you’re dumping tons of money on new heroes and costumes, the power creep will destroy the foundation of the game.

G-Panther is OP and I hate that they released her this strong. The bait and switch has to stop because nerfing heroes after release should not be common practice.


Exactly. I’ve been saying this for weeks now.

The S5 passives/bonuses are incredibly strong. If Sobek goes off and his passive triggers, he’ll do how much damage? 360%, plus another 350+ sand damage? Then if you hit him, there’s also a chance of taking 100+ more sand damage and getting -30% accuracy. Or the other family bonus which has a chance to apply -24% mana reduction to the entire enemy team along with another 70% damage?

These heroes are strong to begin with but their passives make them a nightmare to face. I don’t think they need a nerf, but I think it’s fair to use them as a comparison here when people say “C Panther is OP!”

C Guardian Panther has no passive and her family bonus is irrelevant. All she is, is a 9-tile offensive hero, and she doesn’t do anything that Anton, Killhare, Onyx, and others already do, except doing it a bit more efficiently by combining the elemental defense down with damage. Let alone a 6-tile team consisting of Khepri, Anton, C Kageburado, and others who will kill the entire team at very fast speed. C Panther is strong, but doesn’t shake up the defense meta and will not change anything on offense either.

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Atm 8x cPathers at top10.
Its ridiculous to read here, how cPanther aint OP rofl.


This hero is gonna get nerfed to oblivion. We still see multiple c panthers in one team in top 10s

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the method that will be used by Zynga to do nerf: if the hero is used a lot in the top 100 defense (raid / war). then in will in nerf.
@Petri its time to nerf Costume Guardian Panther.

Do you have one? Nerfs are never needed.

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just wait my friend. Costume Guardian Panther will be nerfed.
you can see the history of the hero who will be nerfed. all have 1 thing in common.
Xno. C alaise. C Krampus with Xmas family. 3K heroes. Ferrant. because all are / are widely used by players who are in the top 100.


This hero should be nerf this hero very strong and fast maybe %200 damage enough :+1:

Zynga should be sued, because it’s not normal to make fun of players endlessly. They created many very strong heroes, after they changed them because they were too strong. After ,Zynga, fill up their pocket’s they decided to nerf them heroes. I hope this is a joke, otherwise they should be sued. They can’t do this again and again like nothing happened.


What needs to happen (to prevent nerfing of Panther and probably other heroes yet to come) is to have a penalty for using 2 identical heroes in the same team.
The problem with Panther C is she’s stacking with herself. One panther isnt that bad… 2 is a nightmare though.

Ps: Maybe the top 100 whales realise that their abuse of the panther/Anne/rhyn defense is gonna get their heroes nerfed. Then they come here and cry like babies. U dont want them nerfed? Try to not abuse them in defense.

By the way, I think Anne is a much bigger problem than Panther, if we’re talking ‘OP’ heroes.


I track the top defense teams from tournaments. This weeks tournament was 5* Buff Booster without yellow.
There were 12 C Panther in the top 6 teams…
That’s unfortunately a sign that there is something unbalanced here.
There were a total of 30 across the top 30 teams, with second place being Bastet at 15

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Unfortunately SG are willfully ignorant…The problem isn’t that C Panther is too strong. The problem is that their power increases exponentially when you use more than one.

SG simply need to make it impossible to use the same hero more than once in a defense team. But we all know that won’t happen because whales spend tens of thousands to get multiples of these heroes. Instead, they do stupid things like nerf C Panther which only hurts players with one copy but does absolutely nothing against the cancer that is 2 or even 3 in a defense team.

Vote for this please:


With the full emblems and limit broken costume guardian panter can take away 3/4 of your full health un 1 hit. That is ridiculous for a hero that has fast mana. Team her up with another one and the possibilities of a win are diminished greatly. She is overpowered anyone who says she isnt its because they have her in their lineup. Lets be real they nerf characyes that arent quite as powerfeul within a.month of them being released. She needs a damage reduction for sure or make her a 3 hit instead of hit all. 1 or the othere

betting the naysayers here don’t have Panther.


Why she went to hit all for the costume IS to make her OP and rake in that cash.

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She doesn’t do that kind of damage on the first hit. You’re exaggerating. If there are two Panthers, the second one will hit really hard due to the edd. It’s less than before the nerf, but still hard.

I have Panther, I wouldn’t nerf her more than they already did. I think she’s not the worst offender anymore.

Nerfs are always complicated. You assume everyone who has the hero is a “whale” and somehow deserves their heroes nerfed. But there are people who are happy to finally pull one of the strong heroes only to see them changed. I don’t think nerfs should be done lightly. I agree the best path would be to balance heroes before they’re released, but it doesn’t seem that’s the path the devs want to take.