⚖ Hero Balance Discussion: Costumed Guardian Panther

I pulled her with the coins.
Now I no longer have any doubts: she will be nerfed!!

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I still don’t have enough food to level my x3 Master Lepus costume from the most recent Springvile. Now, he get obsolete by Guardian Panther Costume :joy:.


Believe me, it’s not just you.

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I just pulled her on one of 2 free coin pulls. The s5 heroes and Kalevala etc are stronger stat wise. GP has a pretty low defense stat compared to others even with emblems and lb it’ll be low so unlikely she’ll be on tank duty and on offense she can’t destroy a whole team and with stronger heroes coming this is what it is.
I am ftp so have very few of these type heroes despite 4.5 years and I spent in beginning. But I’m also in beta and with what’s coming she is far from op. She is a powerful hero but I wouldn’t say op. Yes she has edd. Yes she hits hard but others are comparable at her speed.
Finally please don’t nerf her maybe make older heroes stats better and not costume just balance.
Nerfing should be the very very last resort if used at all. People spend a lot in some cases others get him in a free coin pull like me but either way we like what we have. It’s really sad that people cry nerf on every hero today. It used to be rare and we see the games direction so more powerful heroes are just the new path. Not everyone is op there are just strong heroes and more are coming. It’s not my choice esp as I really have very few non s1 5s but the ones I have I want left alone when I’m lucky enough to get them.


She’s strong but the more I think about it, the less I think she needs to be nerfed. If you look at S5 heroes with their absurd family bonuses and passives, they are much better than anything else out there.

Specifically the extra sand damage, the -24% mana slow for 3 turns, and whatever else the two families do. Those bonuses alone are as good as some 5* heroes (e.g. Elizabeth). Look at the ridiculous damage Sobek does if his family bonus / passive triggers.

Guardian Panther likely won’t be good on defense, unlike the S5 heroes. And as an offensive hero, she’s fine.

Given how hard it is to get C Panther, she really isn’t that OP. She is fine actually.



To be fair though, congrats on Mister Blue Bunny Guy :+1: paired with a Morel or Frigg he is still a nightmare, even if he was one upped by Lewena, Nyx, and C.Panther only months after release :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Not sure what you mean. You train a blue team and purple team. How does Gpanther make master lepus obsolete? You need 6 teams for war.

Also, you can’t just look at att %. Each character has different att status. For instance, Lewena has higher attack stat vs Panther. Not to mention defense.

As for M. Lepus’s mana reduction. Does he really need to fire twice? Usually if he fires on the wing, it’s game over. On offense, pair with defense down, and it’s game over too. Not really a debuff in my opinion.

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I wouldn’t worry to be honest. I think the cries for nerf will be forgotten as they were with Costumed Finley, and as soon as people are distracted with new shiny heroes like Oceanus, Aino, Kullervo etc. Guardian Panther is the stand out hero right now and the one people are chasing, so she’s getting all the attention. I see both sides of argument and everyone has valid points, but the fact she has outdated stats and that she isn’t a beast on defense keeps her somewhat in check. She probably is OP along with many others.


That is the SG’s strategy, release more strong hero’s behind the paywall so that players will forget the old one who is strong. Ruby, Hulda , Panther all made it to live game without any changes. Players who are saying Panther is well balanced didn’t really use her, we used her in beta. I’m not asking to nerf her now but disappointed how SG is releasing hero’s and nerfing them after the release. In few days S1 and some old event hero’s will be obsolete.


You know

Admitting heroes are OP doesn’t mean one automatically wants said hero to be nerfed post-release

(Most understand that’s a :poop: thing to do)

But c’mon now, y’all gotta admit…

GP is clearly OP

Anyone who’s been with this game long enough should just be able to look at her card and see it.

And no, C. Finley is not comparable, as Finley’s hit is - and has always been - conditional.

Panther’s? Isn’t.

(She is just insane… but balance hasn’t been a concern of SG in quite some time, so what’ll you do :person_shrugging:)


Looks like I got under your skin :joy: thanks for the stalking.


Hi @RandaPanduh :wave: Are you by any chance planning on doing a ranking video for the Challenge Festival legendary heroes? I have enjoyed all your ranking videos, and look forward to the rest of your HOTM rankings lol.


I’ve been holding on giving an opinion, as I won’t get GP and I’m yet to come across one on defence.

Looking at stats she is clearly unbalanced for what she does against other hit all’s.

Comparing to Onyx who has hit all, plus buff block. She does it in 8 tiles, Onyx is what 12/13? And then GP also gets the big EDD.

She will become needed for 1% finishes on yellow mythic titan probably, and will be a superstar in attack.

However, I don’t think there’s a need to nerf her. Strong heroes are allowed to exist. She will exist in vacuums on offence and titan in the same way my Gazelle does. She won’t ruin the game or make raiding/ war hits any more difficult for those who don’t have her.


I think GP as well as a lot of the recently released heroes seem OP when you compare them to the current heroes. SGs plan is to continue to increase power. So I can assure you, in 6 months, you’ll think GPs costume was mild. She’s in line with the future of the game. Since we really have no idea what’s coming next, it’s really hard to accurately judge what’s been coming out recently. That’s my 2 cents.


Exactly and to everyone Randa has 4 -5 copies of Panther :blush: @Ugk26 yes we are testing styx hero’s now in beta. That’s is why everyone saying Panther is strong, if we keep quiet SG will not think twice to release a hero who does 600% damage to all at fast speed.


@Yomagn-tho @Timnn defense from last night, logged out after reaching top 10.

Nyx calasie cpanther ruby calasie

Lost 85-90% of raids and dropped nearly 400 cups.

She might be serviceable on wing or in the back row for a non dark tank but she’s not good on defense.

For people saying she’s OP, stats alone are just numbers. She’s tremendous on offense, I’ve done 50+ raids using different teams and when the board is good, my 32 team wins like I’m playing mono.

But like any team you use, it’s board dependant and it loses more than my goto team.

@byzanthia Your name is very familiar actually we don’t need to stalk you , I have seen your nerf threads :smile:

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Interesting perspective. My take is when a desirable hero comes about the have and have nots use nerfs to illustrate a mission. We can easily agree Costume Guardian Panther is a top tier A class hero. That being said she is low volume valuable utility on Titan teams and offence. On defence she is beatable and requires team focus. It really depends on your rosters and counters. I like her as next level amazing and enjoyable. Happy gaming to all!!!

Yeah, he is still great but not in the top level any more. C Guardian Panther is in the whole new level :smile:.

I am leveling Lord Loki who is at 3/31 for now. The next will be Milena. Then C Master Lepus. Long way to go :sweat_smile:.

In fact, it is my father that who pull x3 C Master Lepus from only about 35 pull. Sadly, he didn’t pull any C Killhare :sweat_smile:.

I am sorry if I use wrong word. I mean C Master Lepus is still great but not in the top level any more since C Guardian Panther is in the whole new level. But yeah, both are different color. C Master Lepus is still the best fast blue hit all for now.

I don’t have Morel, Frigg, Black Knight or Krampus to boost his damage in my defense. I have only Kara but I don’t think +34%Atk is enough.

On offense, I don’t have Frida. My future offense team will be, Kiril costume - Lord Loki - Skadi - C Master Lepus - “Another color healer”. Without Frida, I think C Master Lepus still need to fire second time against tough heroes like Mother North or Heimdal.

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Tested Gpanther costume in the current war. Got 1-shot every time when placed at the wing.

I don’t think people find him difficult at all as defense, again, due to tank being purple.