⚖ Hero Balance Discussion: Costumed Guardian Panther

Saw this one coming a mile away. Won’t even dignify it with an answer. Just going with the flow now

I got this hero but I think it is over balance hero…
It need to nerf about damage (150~200%) to make impossible just 7 tiles all kill with 3 costumed guardian panthers.

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As fate plays tricks on us… by chance, I saw the forum here in my history and decided to enter to see if it still existed, when I enter, one of the first topics is about hero balance already released, something that made me give up on I play right after the nerfs in Telluria and Vela, I open the topic and right away I see figures who at that time fervently defended the nerfs of these two heroes, now against the nerf of this heroine in question, I won’t tag or name names so as not to get into any type of conflict here, but time always gives us the opportunity to see how much some people can contradict themselves. as for the game, the newest ones here, this is how the greedy and disloyal developers act: they release completely unbalanced heroes, for thousands of players to spend tons of money trying the hero, to then nerf and make you spend even more money running behind the next.

I have the X-Mas heroes, C Alasie, and C G Panther. Want to try again?

Some people actually have an interest in preventing OP defensive heroes from dominating the entire top-100. Like X-Mas heroes and C Alasie. C G Panther is not one of those, so that’s why I don’t think she needs a nerf. But keep pretending I want some heroes nerfed “because I don’t have them” instead of the actual “they are ridiculously OP on defense which is why the entire top 100 consists of them, or entire alliances use two copies of that hero in the war defense of all 30 players.”

Please dont nerf my panther… :frowning:

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back when the Gargoyles were released, i was fortunate enough to pull both Goseck (two of him, actually) and a Penolite PLUS i got a legendary experience tome from my alliance’s war chest at the time. power leveled one Goseck with all feeders and trainers, power leveled Penolite with the experience tome, and maxed Kalo pre-nerf. i put all three of them on my defense in double:

Goseck, Vanda (no CB), Milena, Penolite, Kalo.

it was easily my best defense ever, and i was finally winning more defenses than losing.

post-nerf for Kalo, my win rate dropped, but i was still maintaining a much higher cup count thanks to my defense than previously: 2500ish compared to getting as low as 2200 with all my old defense configurations.

i pulled C. Guardian Panther in 21 pulls, and thanks to another legendary experience tome from my alliance’s last war chest, i power leveled the base and costume (never pulled the base from the old Teltocs). i subbed out Goseck for Panther’s costume, and my win rate is actually improving. still double formation:

C. Panther, Vanda, Milena, Penolite, Kalo.

a couple nights ago, my defense went 7-1 overnight. the next night, 3-2. overnight last night, 5-0. the defenses that are attacking me are a mix of rainbow and mono teams, with a couple 2-1-1-1 and 3-2 teams thrown in there.

i’m fully expecting a nerf, and i don’t regret for a second the resources i’ve put in her (or Kalo for that matter), but it’s not that difficult to see that for a fast speed hero, the damage output is insane.

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That is a shame your defense did not fair well with her in it, especially with Nyx in it as well…oh well, still a rockstar for Offense of course :+1:

It is overpower hero. Some of my friends leave the game because they felt unbalance between some heros and they own.
Costumed Panther should be nerf to 3 target hit or damage down to 150~200% all targets.

It is crazy hero, it is fast and critical damage even all target!!

I dont think you folks are addressing the real elephant in the room. Season 5 Passives.
Remember Panther C is somewhat rare. She is overpowered in the same sense Costume Finley is overpowered and nobody’s making a fuss about it.

Truthfully, if u wanna talk balance, shift your attention to S5. Compared to the S5 heroes, everything else feels like a water pistol. How does anything even compare to a Sobek that deals 290% to all and then has another 70% extra + 150per turn of sand damage?
Mind you the passives ignore TAUNT and DODGE!
And S5 heroes like all season heroes arent exactly rare. Just like at war Xnolphod is in like 20 out of 30 war defenses, soon he’ll be backed by a Sobek and a El Nhada. Fun times.

What does this mean?

So dont use her on defense? Problem solved.

But also… exaggeration much?

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What does low volume mean?

Offensive raiding and titan hits and stacking in map stages makes up for most of the game, no?

Yes she is low volume (Very hard to get as she is only available when the Challenge Festival Event comes around say twice a year for a few days.) Most likely not to be featured in another Challenge Festival Event for maybe like the next 2 years. Very Rare and Very Coveted!

Valuable utility since she is used in (Offense raiding, titan hits and stacking in map stages) Exactly as described!!! Highly coveted and valuable and low volume not widely available and not saturating the game such as season 1-5 heros available every single month. Hope that makes sense? Happy gaming!

Not saturating defenses. Doesnt need a nerf (very few heroes actually require it). But in no world is she not OP compared to almost every other hero out there

Well look at it this way. A super rare hero very hard to summon is probably always considered OP. The highest heros in the game are always rare, hard to come by and almost always OP. That is why they are heavily chased and considered elite heros next to impossible to summon. The best heros in the game have always been hard to obtain. Cheers!

Nope, dont agree. She stands out far above her costumed and non costumed challenge event peers

Let’s say we can agree to disagree. Best of luck on your future summons of course!

She is very powerful, but I’d say much more so on offence than defence. She is great against titans, or paired with other purples on a raid (or in legendary challenge festival!). SGG don’t tend to nerf OP attackers, so I would honestly be surprised if she got a nerf.

I just had a look at the current top 50 defences. She is only on 5. Only 1 in the top 20. With some very crude assumptions, that means top players are facing her about 1 in every 10 raids. That doesn’t seem to break the variety of defences you play against. That again tends to be one of SGG’s reasons for nerfing. So I’d be surprised if she gets nerfed on that basis too.

They also base nerfs on their ‘metrics’, which of course I have no idea what they look like for her right now. So it is possible they will produce some of those and decide to balance her, but I suspect they won’t.

I’m sure we’ll know in the next few days…

That was my point.

Happy gaming

And don’t forget they work even with mindless attack (Alfrike) too