⚖ Hero Balance Discussion: Clarissa

I think she is very well balanced. Her DoT could be a bit higher, yes. But I think she is pretty strong over all. They could have given her a more useful innate ability, though on defense as a Guin flank for example it still makes sense.

Though bad for me, cause I have both Clarissa and Telly, I still think giving her Paladin class was the right decision to avoid another insane defense synergy.

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The only bleeding DoT that matters out of PvE is Tyr’s ones tough.

She is balanced. She could have been awesome, but SG decided otherwise, and she ends up being just ok. But she is far from being excessively weak or useless.


I have two Clarissas, one of them is maxed but the other one won’t be maxed because I am a little disappointed. She should have a bigger damage at least 170% or a bigger poisson at least 250. There are too many purples that are stronger than she is: Kage, Seshat, Ursena, Jabber, Panther, even Sartana.

My only issue with Clarissa is she’s a paladin, and thus can’t have emblems if I’m dumping all those into Telluria. If that weren’t the case, I’d plan to max ascend her with my Telluria & Jean-Francois. :slightly_smiling_face:

I really hope the new Alchemy Lab makes emblem swapping really easy. Then I would be a very happy camper

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Leave her alone. You are already nerfing my Tell, and pre nerfed JP. If you do this don’t know why I spend a dime to get these heroes at the advertised levels only to get them, level them, and then have them castrated. Annoying.


Yeah… I don’t think anyone is advocating for a clarissa nerf, nor expecting one. If anything, most would like to see her buffed to be on par with GM.

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This guy forums

20 character


I’m surprised no one is talking about her initial damage. I have her now at talent level 6 and the most damage i’ve seen is 230 on a holy, level crap grunt. On regular targets, her initial damage is averaging 80 and the poison goes to 184 per turn only. so either i got a really deffective Clarissa or I’m missing something. and yes, in total it would be 1344 damage but it takes 3 eternal turns to work, is not stackable (so for the next 3 turns your’re just wasting purples) and it’s totally dispellable (making her awfull for defense)


She should be exactly like GM with poison damage, so, she needs a buff.

She is a good hero now, but weaker than 2 year ago hero. For me it is a bad for a powercreep game.


In my honest opinion, she does need a buff to improve damage


Ithink if you buff Clarissa that will make her a good flank for yellow tanks , and that will give players dont have telluria a good chance for a good defence and will make a new trinity ( Gm ,telluria, vela ) ( vela ,guinevere, Clarissa) that should make more diversity in war tanks , before telluria we were complaining about the same yellow tank over and over again , now its green tank over and over , i think bluffing Clarissa will make some to go back to yellow tanks and some will stay with greens , so 100% for the first time you will go to war and you dont know what you will face .

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Clarissa should be in the rogue class, hands down!

Another person that has her, think she is good, although not as good as GM. That’s fine by me.

  • I’d love if she’s changed to a sorcerer.
  • I’ll enjoy a few days if SGG add her 512% dmg to all :wink:

I assume none of this will ever happen - and it’s ok by me.

100% with you on this.

She is far from being as dreadful as GM.

Also, the fact that she was released like this, sends the message that GM is actually OP, which makes me wonder why SGG never did something about it.


Please buff Clarissa to get her off the bench and make her more relevant in the game today


Clarissa is on your bench? She joined Sartana, Domitia and Malicna on the cheerleading squad. No way are they gonna make the varsity team with Lu Bu, Alfrike, Khonshu, Rigard, and Moreau.

One of my biggest regrets was levelling her… hardly use her at all.

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Sadly yes she is on my bench.
I took all the emblems off her and she now sits idle

2019 seems like ages ago.

RIP … Clarissa, Vela, Telluria. You will all be missed, but never forgotten. :sob:

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