⚖ Hero Balance Discussion: Chakkoszrot

I have noticed this too and it’s quite shocking because she is not good. She’s a good tile dump.

Don’t sleep on Hannah…she is amazeballs! I can’t believe the lizard is even in a discussion with her, much less getting ascended over her. But to each their own.

Was just gonna say this, Hannah makes Charizard look like a bloody joke in comparison. First special is effectively vf speed, and that uncleansable attack debuff is mega annoying because either you fire weakened specials at the team, or you wait for your healer to come online, and hope the other heroes on the defense don’t rip you a new one in due time.


Exactly… it all depends on roster and playstyle. I think Hannah is potentially pretty good, but I know that Chakky will slot into my teams really nicely. And using him will be more fun for me.

I don’t think she is as bad as many say, but that is probably because I run minion counters more than any other type of team and she makes things more tricky in that case. I can charge Alfrike with 9 tiles and 5 minions using Grimble generally but if Telluria is there this won’t happen as one set of minions won’t help Grimble. That means 2 rounds of specials or hope for a thorn minion or alternatively get another purple match. I am also respectful of the mana down and generally avoid making critical matches whilst that debuff is in play for 2 turns, but that always runs the risk of other enemy specials catching up to me.

I have never had her but at times I Lord Loki her, or to Myztero her, which tells me that I find her special useful.

I understand the need for niche heroes, but just for the sake of diversity when will we see a fast nature hero ? I’ve been playing 15 months we’ve had 3 average and 2 slow since I started,
not very imptressed

Margaret is the VF nature hero

Yes, but the automatic mana boost comes from stacks. Can this hero counter stacks?

Are stacks considered dispellable mana buff? We do not know.

Usually stacks are treated differently (at least attack stacks are) than regular buffs so they may not be affected by this HOTM special. Attack stacks are not removed when you fire hero that dispells buffs.

Can anyone confirm if this hero can catch the slayers automatic stack mana buff?

Imo not even close to average hero.
Gotta laugh here reading lizzy as counter for Odin. Good luck there, once you gonna activate slow hero vs fast, means super good board, means any 4* purple gonna work there aswell.
Just another VF tourney stuff, on par with cQuintus.
Dont get me wrong, np with slow heroes, just failing to see any real use outside VF tournament.


Chakko Taco is niche but most 2021 HoTM’s are. I will level him because I have 20+ Tabards and it’s him vs mok-Arr or Quintus. The Passive mana boost trigger can be useful, and he will be very good in v. Fast events and counters a few heroes quite well (Odin and Ariel), and offensively pairs well with Rigard-C, Tiburtus-C, Panther and upcoming Magic Tower hero 4*- Sergei (v. fast elemental def-down to all). I really wish he were ranger class to be a more useful option against Sif.

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Please kindly buff Chakk*, Reuben*, and Salmon Loki ASAP.

Sorry I cannot advise how. There are other people better than me with this type of suggestion. :wink:

*I have both of them. :sob::sob:


If you have Panther, Mok-Arr makes for a pretty mean purple team so don’t sleep on the shark.

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Feel that if the -54% mana was not dependent upon enemy buffs, i.e. special always fires, this would fix up the hero.

Little John is at -64% at 3 turns for a 4 star hero … so -54% at 4 turns for a 5 star seems reasonable.


He’d have to lose some power…185% to all maybe, but I like this suggestion. SG, make it so!


Got him as a bonus draw from Atlantis. At first glance I think that he is Ok, but since I have Hannah almost fully leveled, Chak is not a priority.

Please buff Chakkoszrot- get him off the bench and make him more relevant in the game today


@JGE I think you should create a topic here:

Chakko is very weak hero please increase damage rate please maybe %275 really this hero is weak


I have lost a battle to this hero, therefore he is OP and needs a nerf.

I think Khufu wants to have a word.