⚖ Hero Balance Discussion: Bennu

This hero needs to be in the next round of buffs together with Papyros. Both are underwhelming.

Benno was worse than the original Sif from the beginning, which isn’t right, given that he is a S5 hero and she only S3.

Compared to her new costume, Bennu is just a joke. Even compared to Azmia he isn’t any good.

Give him a 20% heal for all and he becomes a great hero. Are a Mana buff like sif or a direct Mana increase like her new costume.

Or come up with something new to make him more interesting.

As it is, this hero is one of the most underwhelming heroes of S5


Not only from season 5. Even Elena who has direct offenses is a more useful hero.

An ordinary Melendor or Cademon makes a sack for filling mana out of Benu.

In general, doing strong heroes like Khufu, who still got a buff while doing junk like Benu or Papyros, is inconsistent and incomprehensible. It destroys the balance of the game

At least there is still hope for a buff.

If he’d get 20% or 25% overheal for all on top, he’d be a great upgrade to Azmia instead of being a laughable downgrade to a 4* with 5* stats…

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Isn’t that SG in a nutshell. They are consistently inconsistent !!!

I have an unique proposal for Bennu buff :

each round while his counter attack is active, the caster will throw Sun family passive ailment on random enemy.

You need to dispell him fast or Bennu will SHINE ON YOU! :smiley:

Bennu needs a boost. Cyprian has counterattack that rivals his. The passive skills he has aren’t enough to make him competitive. I was excited to pull a five star finally after a purchase, but when I saw how poor his special was the excitement waned.

Azmia all day for me. Which is shocking to say for a recently released S5 hero !! Shame. Cudve been a worthy 5* Azmia !!


The taunt suggestion is fantastic! He would then be a fantastic hero!

Bennu dosen’t offer much and as an egyptian deity i expect that cointer attack to provodeos something more, or bennu may offer guarenteed healing. The passive isnt enough to justify the scopes.

Please make Bennu more playable


Thats such a cool idea, they could call that provoke instead of taunt !!

Everyone in this thread is dismissing the 5 (FIVE!) turns of reduced damage. That alone almost makes him worth ascending. Throw in the counterattack and I don’t know what’s not to like with all the rampant AOEs running amok.

Sif says hi & bye to Bennu !!! With mats soo rare & levelling is time consuming can u really afford to give mats & a place in a team to someone who gets dispelled then all
Is lost. I think he needs 1 more skill to make him viable. Doesn’t really matter how many turns of it’s dispelled. I see what ur saying but when u see all the various innate abilities & different parts of newer heroes special skills u can’t help but think Bennu is lacking somewhat !!

In current stance of E&P, there are so many counters, dispells and buff preventions ( in ALL COLOURS) for heroes who do solely buffs for your team…

So heroes who do solely buffs (without healing, mana gain/ cuts, ailments or dmg) can quickly become just a pretty flower on the field, effecting nothing… thus, argument for 3,5 or 7 turns is less important…

Long duration buffs have a place in Towers, but that to me is a niche, maybe for others it isnt as much)

Thats why everyone proposes for him a buff


Sonia, Melendor or Cademon are enough, not to mention a few dozen 5 * heroes and we have 5 turns of nothing. Benu just stands there and is like a punching bag. Azima, Ferant are only 4 * and they are definitely more useful. Even Elena, even if her counter is canceled at least earlier, will deal direct danage. Sif is a few levels higher than Benu and that’s just the S3 hero. Benu needs a buff to become a card worth arte. Now it’s worth adding to soul exchange.

You are presumably talking about defense? Bennu is not a defensive hero. He shines in offense. You can pick the war team or raid team you are bringing him against (I.e. avoid dispellers and buff blockers). I dunno, I like him and would ascend him if I got him. Do you think Sif is trash too?

Costume Sif is mana booster, so for that reason, he gets wider range of usefulness :slight_smile:

Bennu is too close to 4* Azmia (and she has more healing), thats why its harder to hand Bennu mats

I agree that Bennu needs a buff. However. In the current meta with heroes like Oceanus, Khufu and Octros. He can do well. I am levelling him. Maybe niche but worth the try. Will see how it works out.

Just finished Azmia myself & I just can’t see me using mats on Bennu. He needs something else !! A small heal at the very least.

Same here and I agree. Azmia gets the job done for far less. Meanwhile, Bennu will wait behind Snow White, Crystallis, Esme and Iris.

This guy still needs a buff.

He has a lower reflect from the start as original Sif who is from S3 and can get a little higher reflect if he gets hit enough, while giving the same dmg reduction.

And all of that for just one more round. Thats not nearly as strong as Sifs Mana buff.

And while he’s Chance of a little heal is good, you cant be Sure about it.

Which means, Azmia, the 4* is way better and much easier to get and to level.

Bennu, Papyros and now Set are all heroes that should be way better, given that they are S5 heroes…

I Hope they get a serious buff with the next round of nerfs…