⚖ Hero Balance Discussion: Anne

Why do you want to nerf an héro ? Anne os a good défensive one, but she will be dépassés soon.
All thé ons who wants a nerf forget that it could be their plus good méta héro. And big pay to win Will Always have an incredible adva’ce to you. You will juste penalize thé one who juste have her. Némésis for exemple or Horus , are much insane in attack when younhave 3 or 4 or them. New Heroes will be soon better, and accept your limit. This game will be only frustration for you otherwilds

no more doubts. Anne should SLOW n Barbarian Class .
this hero is really ridiculous. not balanced. too OP. has been widely used in the top 100 as well. time to nerf @Petri

Well, let’s see, Anne is Fast while checks notes yup, none of my taunters, overhealers, or cleansers are. (And even if I did have any, if Anne is tanking, a Fast tank will often still get the opportunity to fire before Fast attackers.)

My theoretical best potential counter ability is from Hanitra, but dodge (especially on offense) is an unreliable counter, and it also leaves me bringing yellow against a problematic yellow hero.

My actual best counter is “bring at least 3 purple and pray for tile damage,” which is generally even less effective than it sounds. (Doubleplustrue because oh look, Anne’s a Fighter so even successfully wiping her with tile damage has an approximately 140% chance of filling her mana bar, watching her self-resurrect, and taking her fire anyway.)


I was playing against her and she isn’t definitely the biggest trouble I was having with. She’s quite susceptible to blind and I use Peridot though so take that into consideration. But the likes of Sobek or Miriam and Midnight are giving me more trouble. I have her also and LBed her and I can say blind and dodge are bane of her as well. Unlike for AoE like Sobek she won’t continue if she misses - this is also thing with Khufu. Another advantage to go with 3 Ninjas against her.

Also don’t think she’ll get nerf yet because she is not as frequent on defense as I would think. During W3K I also didn’t see a lot of her. MaM is much more frequent, which is why I think those get hit with nerf bat soon. But I am derailing a bit.


She may never get a nerf, new heroes to come out are just as OP or more so. The devs have “solved nerfs” by just making most new heroes OP



Come on! They nerfed Vela and Telluria so hard, that they “cant” be used anymore, and now we should stop asking for a nerf because other people maxed their new OP-heroes out? Come, on! Thats just silly. Anne is way OP, and so is Khufu (And I have him). Anne should be nerfed hard. She is even OP is they changed her to average speed.


Long boring battle with Anne firing 5 times. A few lucky breaks for both the defense and the offense.

Long battle against Miriam & Midnight tank - YouTube

Looks like it’s time to level my second copy of Anne…

Wtf…this card has fast charge…what will come next?