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If she fires against the one that she hit with the 550% hit first, it will go down to 50% health so she’ll only do 1 hit the 2nd time (no chain and kill the target). I’ve only faced her 1 time as of now, she was the tank in regular formation. She got to fire 2 times before I got my specials ready, and that scenario happened. Didn’t bring cleanser with me or taunt etc. and I won it. (cFinley-cLepus-cPanther-cJabber-Xnol), she killed my Panther. I understand 1 example ain’t enough and it’s highly unlikely she hits the same target twice, but atleast that’s one drawback for her. And the team I went with is fast.

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If we had a honest game company we wouldnt have so much posts about nerfs and balancing
This crooked zynga doesnt listen to its beta testers not once,it releases op heroes to bait the spenders then nerf them to force them to buy other new heroes
Its like the shepherd’s dog barking at the sheeps to make them go the way he likes
Im totally ftp but i hate this nasty tactics


please list them??? Gosek, KhuFU and Telleria before they nerfed the crap out of her/him??? None of these are older heroes? None of them are fast. You’re gonna tell me that GM back in the day way game breaking???

There is a difference in more than likely gonna lose and pretty much you are gonna lose


considering you were able to get the specials, not just 1 ready, sounds like my 1 win vs her. There is the question, you were able to get them ready. When I have faced her at tank, its in a double tank formation. not sure if that was the case with you but what you’re stating sounds like the same thing that happened with me and the win I had


Go back and read your post.

You make it sound like it’s game breaking because you don’t have a counter.
Seriously. That’s how your post reads.

Now she is super strong. I have her, I have used her, when she fires, I win a lot. Khufu is stronger.
I have him too, paired with the Ludwig.

That synergy is ridiculously powerful. Khufu fires three times in a row of course I win…

Is it game breaking? No! Am I even in the top 10,000 on cups? No!

I rank about 37,000 in the world.

Game breaking is measured by the top 100 to 1,000 defenses all being the same.

You can argue all you want in this forum as a troll, however the truth is SGG measures game breaking, by the top 100 defenses.

When they all use the same defense, it’s time to Nerf or buff. Or design counters specifically targeted, to upset The Meta.

This is what they do. This is what they have been doing. This is why we all complain every month about X Factor and Y Factor, Z Hero and ZZ Hero…

I believe they would Nerf Khufu before they Nerf Anne. And yet he received a BUFF not too long ago. LOL

Everyone arguing whether or not you have a counter available, is irrelevant.

Remember! This game has free to play, but it is not competitive.
You are not meant to be able to compete if you’re free to play.
This is a pay to win game. Pay more, win more.
Argue with that! Oh the sky is green!? Not blue?! Irrational response…

Edit: Tip, the best counter is a fast silence, and I can think of two green heroes, four star, right off the top of my head that have a silence at fast speed…
The next best counter is a Dodge that interrupts her chain, or an ailment that causes a miss such as blind…
Can you think of any fast speed heroes that can do that? I can.

Ugh, second rant on an edit! She’s is only powerful if your team is over 50% health.

She IS the counter to overhealing. Too many defenses stack overhealers, as a strategy to win by timing out the battle. Then they win by default.

Anne is an answer to this, and frankly I think she needs a buff, to do it properly. Because after 50% she becomes a regular sniper.

OMG, I just had a thought. Raffelle is a great healer, but he instantly put your team in Annes reach, LOL

So if they buff Raffelle, it might look like heal team to 49%, and click yes if you want the heal over time to apply, click no if you want to exclude the heal over time… Lol

Options are where the game is going I think in the future. They already do it with the charge heroes where you get options to do the first level the second level or the third level.


Edited: It is a sad thing to come to a forum and then refuse to read.

Too long didn’t read means a person is lazy, and unwilling to learn or grow by entertaining ideas other than thier own.

So since some people require a TLDR, and to bring it back on topic;

Anne needs a buff to deal with Overhealing properly. Her initial hit is strong but drops too quickly on successive chains. It needs to remain higher longer to address massive overhealing, or perhaps scale based on over healed percentage.

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Okay, so having fought a few dozen Annes by now, aside from her power level being over 6 Quintuses, here are my thoughts:

  1. The damage she dishes out. Absolutely insane for her speed. It’s something along the line of 1500% total damage if it hits all five. With this kind of damage ceiling, her base needs to be cut to 450 at most. Bring her to be on par with Finley (who is still a pretty great hero) and it’ll be alright.

  2. The status effect she applies. Overall a hearty “meh”. Yeah, all those debuffs sound overwhelming, but they are only applied after you get your special off. With the current game state, if your entire team gets their specials off, the resulting crater, where the enemy team used to be, will probably care very little that you have a malady.

  3. Counters. A good blind and/or dodge skill goes a long way, since any miss on her special breaks the whole chain. I use C.Kadilen against her, and more often than not she lets me survive getting cannon blasted multiple times.

This depends heavily on whom you have — if you have a bunch of Anne-caliber heroes and they all charge simultaneously, this is likely true.

On the other hand, for many of the rest of us, even the chance to fire an entire team may only knock out one or two heroes, and being Treevil’d as a result may well counteract even that temporary advantage. (That and I’m trying to remember the last raid instance in which my whole team actually could fire more or less all at once, at least anywhere near the start of a raid.)

So one of the frustrating things about Anne is that she is one more game element that helps separate “have” from “have not,” if her special isn’t so problematic if you have a simultaneous five-barreled Anne-level response :man_shrugging:

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I’m not one who calls for nerfs often but Anne is just ridiculous. Dealing 550% damage to one hero, up to five with over 50% health (which occurs frequently since she’s fast) all at fast speed is one thing but they had to add the additional skill of the hit heroes getting -34% def, attack, and mana.

I feel like she should be average with less damage or slow with current skill. If she’s going to stay fast, reduce damage to maybe 350% and the debuffs to -24%. Khufu is also deadly but at least he is slow and easier to kill before he goes off, unless you have a good starting board then Anne will fire at least once.


Because SG need only money. Donate, donate, pay. They don’t care about gameplay. Donate!

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Not to mention she’s fighter class. That means even if you kill her before she fires, there is a chance that she comes back and finishes your team off.


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As scary as Anne is, I’ll usually just take Bastet amd Agrafena and I do just fine. I think she is more easy of a counter than some other heroes (talking to you Miriam and Midnight). And I was lucky enough to get her, i dont have the emblems to max her so she isn’t top priority. If she gets nerfed, oh well, wouldnt surprise me. I actually havent faced her that often in raids and when i do, i can usually recover because i bring Aino (the cleanse before heal is a god send)

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Keep it friendly and on topic folks :+1:


I think Anne is weak compared to Dawa. Thats why she battle with her cannonball. You just need to separate Anne from her Cannon and you should be fine. I think SG should buff her a bit because without her cannon, she just an ordinary lady


I lose against Anne tank twice in the no purple tournament. If I am not wrong, her attack is 550% → 440% → 330% → 220% → 110% on each hit. 550+440+330+220+110 = 1650%. That is equal to 330% hit all at fast speed. Her overall damage is even higher than Guardian Panther Costume however her ailment is weaker. She and Guardian Panther Costume are overpower with no doubt.


i always lose against anne as a tank. once she fired a skill. no chance to heal.
this is too crazy. Fast speed. fighter class and the damage is too OP.


This hero is almost on the same level as M&M in OPness. At least Khufu is slow.

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So Anne magically stops healing? Interesting! I win against Anne all the time, along with many other people. Maybe you should try going 3/1/1 or 3/2 with a taunter and cleanser/overhealer, instead of complaining how she is “too crazy,” “fast,” “too OP,” and “no chance to heal.”

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