⚖ Hero Balance Discussion: Anne

Grade anne in defense is 7 i got 2 of her and she is not in my defense lol jove is way stronger and do way more damage raid is close after 6 match you just need a healer who cleanse and she is squishy

Jove while strong, doesn’t knock my team out as quickly as Anne does. Yes, Jove hits one hero for a lot of damage and deals a respectable amount to the remaining 4. However, Anne deals considerable damage to 2, more damage to the 3rd than Jove does to the non-targeted hero, on the 4th she is dropping below Joves non-targeted hero damage (but not by a lot), and on the 5th hero it is mostly negligible.

What this usually means is that 2 heroes are functionally knocked out, and a 3rd on the way. With Jove it is only 1 hero I have to worry about generally (depends on the state of the battle). Don’t get me wrong, Jove is also OP but for me he represents a lesser danger than Anne.

The one upside of facing Anne is that if you blind her and she misses that first hit, she will not hit any others. Jove has an accuracy check on all targets.

I have 2 anne and because i have her she is not op thanks I don’t have hippo and i want him to be nerf 2 jove kill the entire team 2 anne kill one target :slight_smile: i know what in talking about

This hero needs some buff tbh

Too late, shes outta the meta! Try to keep up guys lol


give it another 2 months and another 5k from your bank about, she will be outdated as it is anyways

5k? Hope that’s in pesos.