⚖ Hero Balance Discussion: Anne

She’s so broken that I want her :heart_eyes:. Apparently I chose my significant others in the same manner. But that’s another story!

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I’d argue the absolute best defense is actually (shifting) mindless attack, because not only do they not fire at you now, they actually damage a random hero on defense, while simultaneously emptying their own mana bar.

Both Waddles and Bubbles are fast. I guess one could argue Bubbles is heavily paywalled, but Waddles is quite a bit easier to get, and at LB+20 he has 853 def 1545 HP and will withstand one hit from Anne.

Hansel with his witch killer special (a variation on mindless attack, but not as quite as good as mana bar is only reduced by half) is also a good choice, but he’s definitely quite a bit squishier even at LB+20.


Hmmmm, well, probably as good, if different — reflect is almost certainly more immediately devastating to the attacker, but SMA, whilst less damage, goes on to keep nerfing the enemy team.

Waddles is probably at least not-harder to get than reflect, though….

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I mean why not both?

Garnet-Ursena-Waddles-Bubbles-X, where X is a hero of your choosing. (maybe Hansel for full rainbow :rofl:)

My own experience has been that once two heroes on defense have been infected with SMA, more often than not, I can strategically play the board to keep SMA rolling around the entire defense.

As it is, mana control is the single most powerful skill in the entire game, which makes sense - if the defense can’t fire their specials at you, they’re really not that threatening anymore.


Well if you’re asking me, my answer is that I have literally zero of those heroes :man_shrugging:

But your point is well made — if you really, really need a counter to a certain ability, bringing just one (or bringing more than one counter but in the same color) can be living dangerously.

(Of course one peril of facing five A+ type heroes is that it’s usually hard to bring counters, much less multiple counters, to all five.)

It certainly can be, and it gets a lot better when the heroes who wield it are faster and sturdier —and if you can follow up your control with something, either a big-damage hero or even just enough tiles, and you’re not caught in a frantic dance of trying to play control-control-control-control-whoops-instant-loss because you get clobbered the instant your control runs out.

If you’re playing control with older heroes like Hansel, Proteus, Alfrike-outside-of-Rush, you run the risk of your heroes being eliminated too easily or before they can even fire.

So yeah, Fast shifting-mindless-attack can certainly be a game-changer.

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Sounds like the answer to all the balancing and calling for nerfs or not, is to just get lucky and pull for more heroes. Like those legendary heroes are easy to get and having thr resources to max said heroes. Oh well

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In this latest Tournament, I am only pulling between A and B on Defense (5/9), not having an Alfrike to put in Rush defense team. But because I don’t have THE hero that Rush Defense Meta is built around, I didn’t expect to even be pulling a B. (Recent loss knocked me out of A) I used Mother North, Ludwig, Lady of the Lake(Original Mana Reduction), Kalo, Franz.

On offense in this tournament I have 8/10 wins on attack. I used Mother North, Pengi, Cao Cao, LoTL, Tetisheri. I was surprised but happy, when facing Alfrike tanks and even one team with TWO Alfrike (OMG) but I won. (barely)

My point is that even when you don’t have what everyone else has (Meta), but you are mostly in the same tier, you can find ways to compete. This not only is fun, for me at least, but makes me think, reason, and grow.

Using mana control and mana acceleration (Tetisheri), I was able to heal and minion up, for Pengi’s Gatling gun after Cao Cao defense down. Blue green red 2,2,1 spreads out the chance for a decent opening board in one of those three colors to get my team going. Only once did I lose on attack so far, because of bad opening boards and bad luck on moves/replacement tiles. The other was because Alfrike fired 3 times and I could only recover twice.

It’s so intense watching Lady’s minions (only 3 of them initially) randomly target the opponent and praying that Alfrike gets reduces so she cant fire. I have been nothing but lucky so far, surviving even after she has fired once or twice.

I guess I got squirreled on this post, because how that relates to Anne Balancing I don’t know, except to say that there is more than one way to skin a cat. I mean, counter a hero.


I can get what your point is. Based on your roster, there may be no way you can compete in certain situations, (rush attack, war equalizer etc) and sometimes some heroes are better than others. Sometimes you can get lucky and the board is on your side. Raids being the most controlled scenario however, the most “OP” heroes as of late can still be countered if you think outside the box

Guys, would be better change her class from fighter to barbarian or just slow her down to average?

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has anyone run across Anne only hitting 1 hero when there are others that are above 50%??? Ive seen this twice where I have 2 heroes that are below 50% and 3 that are above and Anne hits only only 1 of the heros and its been one of those heroes thats below 50%

Anne will hit next target only if previous target had more than 50% hp before hit so its work correctly.

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thanks a ton. I thought it wasnt random

Anne is like Congalach (which is a very strong hero) being in steroids.


I changed from “I don’t know yet” to overpowered and needs a nerf.

Honestly she is the number 1 hero I fear in this game. More than Jove, more than C.Panther, more than Khufu, etc. There isn’t a particularly great counter to her when she is on Defense. Her Fast speed coupled with the natural mana generation from Defense means you need a Very Fast counter like Ruby (1st Charge), Thor, or Peridot (1st Charge) to have a chance of cutting Anne’s bite.

She is too much for Fast speed, hoping that the data will show that on Defense and SGG will adjust…eventually.

I think her being a fighter class too is the icing ontop. The constant reviving makes her even more annoying to deal with, on top of everything. It was a bad call to make her a fighter, Anne needs to be balanced because she’s way to strong for a fast hero.


Most Over Powered Hero of all time. Nerf it quickly !!!

I don’t know what raid level you’re at, but obviously you aren’t raiding against the Top 100 players. Their defensive lineups are brutal and rarely include Anne! Don’t get me wrong! I really like Anne, but I would chose Jove before her!


This is 100% false. Is Jove more common? Maybe. But to call Anne rare in top 100 defense is false.

Any particular reason why you fear Anne more than Jove? She hits two targets pretty hard, but the next 3 hits are rather tame (the last hit is barely even a slash).

Jove on the other hand, hits 4 targets for 265% a piece, which isn’t exactly a tickle. And that healing ailment is just extra nastiness on top unless you have a priority cleanser (or wait it out), otherwise you’re kind of hosed when you need healing the most. Plus him being a ranger means there’s a 25% chance your defensive buffs don’t even work. (goes up to a whooping 50% if they’re using cyclops troops!!! :scream:)

I honestly find Jove much more dangerous than Anne, because he can even bypass Ursena’s yellow reflect!

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I always find it interesting when people use another OP hero to justify why an OP should not be nerfed. Anne AND Jove (and Khufu) need an adjustment. Skill %s are out of hand for hit all heroes

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