Hero Balance - Azlar

When you recently balanced heroes why wasn’t Azlar included. I use 4* over him. And his costume doesn’t appear to be an improvement.

Really? Cause if I got his costume I would actually finally give mine rings just to use it.


The fact that his Burn Damage is undispellable in costume (not the case out of costume) already makes him more valuable especially if you have the costume. This means Rigard can’t stop it. And that damage over time in Costume is actually pretty substantial.


Az wins almost every raid, if he’ll manage to kick in.

Burn Telly burn…

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I guess I missed that. I just wish his mana was faster. I’ll level his costume now and see how he performs. Thanks.

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I think the general problem is that three out of four trainable legendary red heroes are slow (Azlar, Elena, snd Khagan). This means that F2P and even many C2P players have mostly/all slow red 5* heroes.

Azlar is definitely one of the stronger slow AoE hitters and doesn’t need a buff. The current meta with many Tellurias and Velas, however, is generally very unfavorable to slow red heroes…

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if you pair costumed azlar with bryn (+24%) or lancelot (both very obtainable 4* heros) and mana troops, he definitely is not too slow to win the raid. Add in Grazul (+4% mana) and the dude is ready to erupt nonstop. Emblems can get you another 2%. Suddenly you’re +28% mana on him even before the troops.

Slow doesnt mean broken, just means the hero requires high maintenance. :joy:

It would be nice if gravemaker popped out of my tc20 by some grace of the game’s errors and bugs though lol


I only have Grazul. I’m heavy in yellow 4* but have no 5* yellow. On the other hand I’m heavy 5* red and green. I just find that Azlar dies quickly in comparison.

it has a lot to do with who you bring into a raid. the ai, while super dumb and unpredictable, will often target your squishiest hero. Bringing 4* utility cannon fodder like Wilbur or Bryn or even Lancelot that can both increase Azlar’s abilities while also getting hit before Azlar can be effective.

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I do have Wilbur and Grazul. I do not have any really strong players that add mana. Neither of the two are fully ascended. I have tried to learn as I go so I have tried to level who I thought was the strongest, without fully understanding the strength of each. Thanks for your advice.

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