Hero attacking wrong target / dead target

Location: Season 2, Province 7, Easy
My team (in order): Elkanen, Colen, Rigard, Magni, Wu Kong

Elkanen is at 4^ l.51 and the rest are maxed.

My actions: Elkanen’s special is ready, the next level has three enemies. Select the center enemy, attack with Elkanen’s special. Instead of the focus of the attack hitting the center target, it redirects to the right-side target making the center target the minor damage target and the left target is untouched.

This has worked mid-level as well (leading to my next point), but the above seems the easiest setup.

Additionally, have Magni’s special charged, select the center enemy, attack with Elkanen, and if it redirects to the right side target and destroys it, attack with Magni and he will attack the empty space.

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