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Can someone please explain to me what, or whom, determines the speed (slow, average, fast) labeling of a hero’s attack? Kiril, for instance (but certainly not the only example), is labeled “average” in attack speed but sometimes heals 2 or 3 times while I am raiding an opponent before Grimm can attack once. This is mainly just curiosity on my part, but I do refer to hero attack speed occasionally before attempting an attack or revenge, and some attack speed labels seem to be somewhat misleading.

Well you need to understand how heroes’ mana gets charged. “speed” doesn’t refer to time, it refers to how many “tiles” it take to charge up a hero.

On offense, every time you hit a defender with a gem of that color, it charges up each hero of that color. Fast takes 8 gems, average 10, and slow 12. Very fast is 6.5 gems. Tiles that are “ghosted”, ie. don’t hit a hero but shoot up to the top, count as 2 tiles.

As an example, if you have sartana (fast) and tibertus (average) and you match 3 purple and then make a diamond (5 purple), Sartana will be fully charged, but tibertus will only be 8/10 full. Make sense?

Now on defense it’s different - each turn, each defending hero gets 1 tile of mana. They also get mana for every tile that hits them, I believe 0.5 tiles of mana for each gem. So the more gems that hit a defender, the faster they charge up.


Dante, pls cover how turns work.

Ghosting tiles in a raid or AW can backfire if you don’t count right. Hate to see the special light up and the revenge arrows are triggered at the same time.

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So, by that explanation, it sounds like there is a very simple formula determines how mana gets charged, regardless of how much damage is done?

By that, I mean would a Red shield hitting a green opponent (strong color against) charge the mana the same as if those same shields hit a red opponent (same element), a purple/yellow opponent (neutral element against), or a blue opponent (weak element against)?

How come sometimes I feel a series of weak attacks seem to charge mana slower than if those were strong attacks?

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Yup, mana charging has nothing to do with damage.
However what dante did not mention is higher combos charge mana slower for the enemy. So for example the first 3 tiles might give opponent 1,5 tiles worth of mana. But if those 3 tiles start a cascade, the later tiles in that cascade give diminishing amount of mana to the opponent.


I don’t think that’s the case. Do you have any videos of this?

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I think there was an update that explicitly implemented the change @Evilsmoothie describes some months back. The expressed intention was to remedy the situation where the attacker would trigger a glorious cascade of tiles, only to fully charge the defender’s specials and be wiped out almost immediately.

But my brain cells have taken a real thrashing so it’s possible I’m wrong. Maybe I hallucinated it.


Here. Follow Delilah’s mana in the end. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the explanation, Dante; it makes more sense now. Just to make sure I understand; if i’m attacking, and Joon is my biggest threat (and the one I want to attempt to take out first), it may be better to try to hit the heroes around him while building mana for my heroes instead of direct strikes?



Really, what? Please explain both halves of that post.

If you have 4* mana troops at certain levels, you can shave one tile off.

lvl 11 very fast
lvl 17 slow
lvl 23 average
lvl 29 fast

so jackal goes to 6, slow goes to 11, average to 9, and fast to 7. You cannot get slow to 8 gems regardless of troops (you can accelerate using things like Lancelot or Alberich, but we’re not talking about that).


All I could find:

Continuing the discussion from 1.4 Release Notes:

I don’t known why is the Kiril’ s mana bar to empty after full bar and was attacked with enemy. (e.g. The ability of Kiril was not to use.)

Possibilities include a mana-draining special (unlikely to wipe a whole bar though), Merlin’s special which causes a full mana bar to be wasted with an attack on a party member, or a bug of some kind.

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