Hero assection

Since the update I have noticed that when ascending a hero the first one feeding the hero has no boom. I don’t know how really to explain it. The other 9 will give a light when they hit the hero but the first one does nothing. Have also noticed that assceztion items are not dropping. Loots are crap. Got A’s on titan damage and I get less than 20000 ham and iron a green leaf plant 3 gems an oil a practice swords or backpack and a great ticket. That is my titan loop raid loot and chest loot. Crap. I swear I’m loosening 1 and 2* hero’s. They just disappear. I lost 15 gems last night. Could have sworn I had over 500 gems when I went to bed and woke up w*th 487. Boards on raids are garbage lost 25 raids in a row. Then won one and there revenge I lost there seems to be a bug or hacker in this game. Since the update it seems to take more food to level the hero’s. I have had problems but seems it goes ignored. You have a great game here but when things go wrong or seem to be messed up we get no help from the owners with it. But I bet if a bug caused a problem with spending money that would be fixed in a hurry. Why is that?