Hero Ascension Frustration

I have been playing this game for a year now. Very rarely do I ever get a 4* or 5* hero, I typically end up with duplicate 3* hero’s and the higher level resources to create a Hero only result in more of the same 3*s.

I am stuck in province 25, I cannot get beyond my current battle as my hero’s are weak.

The very few 4* and 5* cannot be ascended because I need capes, darts or gloves which are impossible to obtain. All of the ones I have need the same resources! Ridiculous! I cannot afford to spend a lot of money on this game as it is wasteful and I have bills to pay!

Why do the developers create goals that cannot be achieved?? It is discouraging and makes the game disappointing. I refuse to waste $100s of dollars on a chance for gloves!

The prices for purchases is insane! Who in their right mind would spend that much money? I am NOT wealthy!

Is it too much to give players a fair shot to advance without being expected to blow a lot money?

Dude, game is not easy but you must be doing something wrong, or need to revise your strategy or approach to the Game… I’m only 4 months in and already finished S1 map and most of S2, got materials to max 2 4* heroes, and brought a lot of them to third ascension.
Im not even spending a lot, just PoV and VIP. Information digging and planning ahead are worth more than $$$

Just quit.
This game is dying anyway, use your money on more fruitful endeavors

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  • What level are your training camps?
  • When are you using your epic hero tokens?
  • Have you started playing S2? You can do Atlantis even if you haven’t finished S1 and then get tokens to summon there. Lots of good S2 heroes.
  • How are you choosing to spend any gems you get? Meaning, which summon portal?
  • Are you in an alliance and taking down titans?

At a year in, I suspect strategy and choices made along the way are contributing to this more than an inherent bias or lack of fairness in the game.

Forum people are happy to help, but need more info about what you have and your play style. If you want to grow, the other suggestion would be to find an alliance with some advanced players to help with advice. Lots of great options in alliance recruitment.


Send some screen shots of yah roster people will be willing to help. This could be a difference for yah.

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First, not a DUDE!
Second, not spending my money which is why my heroes are limited
Third, when I do use tokens and gems, I end up with another of what I have already have multiples of, as it seems I only get the same heroes over and over.

The only time I get decent heroes is via costume tokens.

My frustration is the fact that we are not able to ascend certain heroes due to never getting feathered darts, gloves, special capes and other impossible to obtain resources. And no way will I ever spend my money for a chance to obtain one of the required elusive items. So curious how other players are able to acquire the unusual heroes and manage to ascend them way up without shelling out money on a game. Some heroes can wipe my strongest out in one zap.

So forget I even wasted my time posting my frustration here.

But to those kind enough to offer assistance THANK YOU. For the first responder telling me that I am a stupid game playing dude, you should think about sending rude responses before hitting send.

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Do you farm specific stages for these mats? I remember not having scabbards at one point and discovering Mai’s list and Barry Farmz Here.

Echoing what others have already said, if you could send a screenshot of your roster and materials, we can better help you plan your team and strategy.

it’s really difficult to everyone do ascend heroes

No surprise. What do you expect as F2P ? 2 month into the play, I got 3 Graymane, 3 Balthazar, 3 Renfeld, and 3 Isshtak from the “EPIC” summon gate… and even from the Atlantis summon gate…
Good heroes in S2 ? Not relevant to me so far.

If you have bad luck in RNG, just give time, more time, even more if you don’t like to spend money.

Like it is always said: Time is Money.

Good luck.

Thanks and agree. It is just a game so I need to treat it as such!

I am trying to continue acquiring what it takes to level up which seems to take long time as next level of stronghold requires xnumber of ore but need to increase storage which takes days and increase is minuscule.

Just a game so will continue to plug along.

Thank you

Hi. I know what do you feel. Looking on roosters of others, you always want something simillar - would be good to have the same, powerfull staff. There are 4 approaches here: you are rich, you are rich and lucky, you are lucky and at the end you are patient. What could help you progressing faster is a VIP pass. If you don’t want to pay, you can still invite someone, and you will receive gems and a second builder, which is fantastic. To receive level 10 it should take 3-4 days. Belive me, if you have no food, you will not ascend you great, newly summoned 5* hero. Of course it still requires a time. Another thing is to max what you have, to be more competetive against titans, and to be able to run S1:8-7 and S2:1-10 maps on auto play. On monthly events there are also easy levels, for 3* heros. Sometimes tournaments are also for 3*, and game can be enjoyable.

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