Hero Art- Copy and Paste Character Art?



Has anyone else noticed that some heroes have very similar if not identical faces? Other heroes have the same body and stance but the face was changed slightly. This has kind of been bugging me.


Argh, I think I should now hide my cloning lab now :stuck_out_tongue:

Ps. Yes, its all true: some heroes have identical/similar apparences.


Aife & Jill


I noticed those two! Gang Ju and Sha Ji have the same head and stance, but not the same face or clothes. That was the first one I noticed.


There is a whole thread for this…



Thank you! I’ll take a look at it.


Ever notice how sometimes there’s a thread about the same thing there is already a thread for? :wink:


@littleKAF ever notice how sometimes there’s a comment that says the same thing, except it’s more helpful because it includes a link? :wink: