Hero april

Happy Easter the new hero of the month of April is really ugly seems a zombie a little more beautiful could not be said smile
hy lisa kiss kiss

I’m bewildered by your post.

The April Hero is…ugly? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I think he looks like somewhere between a wizard and a vampire.

(We can’t all have wings and high heels.) :grin:


I love the animation on his special. Very Dr. Strange-ish.


@Rook I know! and one pixel away from showing a digital hoho! He is a nice change of pace.

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hi rook I’m sorry if I was offensive was something said with a smile anyway I preferred a hero like brad pitt

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my team is formed rigard magni ares leonida horgall a brad pitt would be fine smile kisses

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I think he’s kind of cool looking too. Plus, he gets bonus points for one if the sweetest capes ever.

Ah, I take your point…a pinup boy after we’ve had a few pinup girls? Got it. :wink:


:heart_eyes:OK tanks

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