Hero Animation on Zoom in Version 19- AND during Raid defense - random, slow roll out, what is the deal?

So I used the magnifying glass on Elena today (from her hero card) and noticed she animates. I then went and looked for other heroes who also do this and found a pretty random collection of heroes: Horghall, Justice, Lianna, Domitia, Chao, Merlin, Boril, Scarlett, Skittleskull, and Brienne. These are just out of the heroes I own, so there are almost certainly more.

I am almost positive they didn’t use to animate like this… Am I going crazy or is this something new?


This is new. Good find! Flipping through some of my heros I found the following:

Animated: Joon, Vivica Domitia, Lianna, Kril, Boril, Chao, Brienne
Not animated: Marjana, Isaraia, Sabina, Tibertus, Li Xiu, Cyprian, Melendor, Leonidas,

I’m guessing these are the heros that were animated for the emblem quests.


What do they do? Mine dont seem any different

Joon kind of looks like he’s doing a pelvic thrust or squat. The others do their own thing.

It’s the same style of animations that appear during cutscenes.

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Is this after newest update that devs just rolled out?

Probly bein screwed with but oh well lol

Can’t find any :roll_eyes:

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Mine are doing nothing or I’m looking at the wrong thing. I only see an animated background and the sparkle effect when you drag your finger across the screen


It might be with the new update. I’m currently running 19.0.0


I’m on 18.1 and there doesn’t seem to be an iOS update out there.

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QFT. This is actually a very non-random list when considering the Class Trial bosses.

@Rigs @Olmor @Hcmitchellr I don’t see this in Version 18, so I assume it will be updated in Version 19 that started its slow rollout earlier today.

Great find, @beave!


Yeah, I’m on version 19 as well.

The trial quest hypothesis makes sense, but was Merlin part of one of the cutscenes? I hadn’t noticed any event heroes in them, but he’s animating as well.


No, and from Memento Heroes Classes and Quests there aren’t any event heroes as bosses.

But he is a boss in the Knights Challenge Event. Do you see animations for any other event heroes?


Yeah, I thought of that right as I posted, lol.

Perhaps it will eventually include all event heroes, too, since they also have cutscenes in the events. Though right now Merlin is the only event hero I see that animates (I have Peters, Hansel, Gretel, Gafar, Buddy, and Jack O’Hare).

Would someone with another Avalon hero see if they also animate?

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Chao has probably the best animation, because of his posture and that nice eagle that moves his wings.


King Arthur, Sir Lancelot, Guardian Panther, and Guardian Falcon do not animate.

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I haven’t got the 19.0 update yet; I’m still on 18.1.0, and I don’t see it on any of the heroes I checked (Mitsuko, Domitia, and Boril)

They do have the animated colorburst behind them which slowly spins, and if I tap on the screen I get stars appearing, but that is exactly how I always remember it.

Certainly animation is not on version 18.1.0 , looking forward to the v.19.

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I got newest version but mine do nothing at all :sob:

Athena and Zeline also started flapping their wings after this update.

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