Hero and recruit drops lowered and chances for 5* raised

Has anyone noticed that the hero/recruit drop has been lowered significantly?? It seems that when Season 3 started I noticed right away that it started taking me much longer to level my heros?? Has anyone noticed this?? Or am I delusional?? Also crafting items all of a sudden became scarce!!!

The levels I usually play give exactly the same range of recruits they did before (for example S1 8-7 drops 8 to 10 recruits). I’ve no data for hero/troop drops from farming but didn’t notice any changes.

Also the mats and ingredients are unchanged.


No changes noticed here. Maybe your play style changed a bit and you are using more items? Leveling stronger heroes now too so it takes longer?

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Really?? I’m still playing as i have since joining an Alliance over a year ago. Granted, been playing more since this COVID. I am not using major battle items until difficult stages. I am usually able to level a 4* in a week or so thru game play only. Now it’s taking 3+ weeks.
I have done screenshots for my alliance members some mnths back to compare loot. Im going to find to compare and post. Thanks you all!!

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