Hero Advice Wanted

Hey everyone.

Im finally having some choices to make regarding an all 5 star team so Im hoping for advice and suggestions.

Im torn between delilah and guinevere. my thoughts are a team of (left to right)

marjana,guinevere, magni, aeron,horghall

i know magni isnt a typical tank but being center i was hopin the fast def buff plus heals on either side, and theno status ailments from aeron would keep him kickin. horghall is my only green 5 star so far also. any thoughts and suggestions?

my other option is( left to right)

delilah,magni,horghall,aeron, marjana

again any suggestions welcome.

only enough mats to level one yellow tight now , so who would you guys chose?

thanks in advance everyone!!

Magni has very low defense and won’t last as tank. However you are right about his defense buff.
A great defense team with your heroes would be Marjana Magni Guinevere Horghall and Delilah. If you want a rainbow team replace Delilah for aeron and swap him with Horghall to use his 3 hero abilities.
Anyway imo Delilah is way better than Aeron

Guinevere tank with a flanking Magni.

Guinevere is a tank, Delilah a healer. What you need more?

Thanks Luiz!
I was thinking that actually. The only reason i thought that would work well is because marjana wouldnt be healed at all and I dont think aeron and guin can stack heals. Not 100 percent on that though

FraVit, so ate you saying dont use aeron at all?

Marjana has good defense stats, she is tank on my team, so she needs Guin’s heal less than Magni. Besides with her defense increased by his super she will survive until Delilah heals everyone.

Gotcha , Thanks Luiz : ) I like that idea just gotta save up mats for both… haha

Good luck but I wish I was on your shoes… I have 18 orbs and 16 darts (enough to level both) but only have Delilah. At least darts you expect to get, while Guin is a real shot in the dark

I havent had that many in my entire career combined haha, hey one ladt question Luiz… in that scenario would you max guin or del first?

Honestly Del. You will use her everywhere, while Guin you just put as tank of your defense team and let her there

Sounds good, Thanks again!

No, I’m saying to swap position between Guinevere and Magni! :stuck_out_tongue:

This is the problem I wanted to have,but couldn’t pull Guin 8(

Anyhow, agree that magni shouldn’t be your tank. Delilah will be more useful in all aspects of the game, so I think she gets your first set of darts. Luiz’s suggestion about Mariana as a tank in good, but Horg would be more suited to tanking - only if he’s close to maxed though. If he’s not maxed, Marj sounds good.

But I never suggested Marjana as tank, I just said I use her as tank but I don’t have Guin or Horghall. Every lineup I suggested didn’t have Marjana as tank :thinking:

Huh, I guess I misunderstood. I saw your comment about you using marj as a tank, and then saying Delilah would be more useful all around than Guin.

Anyhow, I’m still into marj as a tank for @buddclot, and ascending Delilah ahead of Guin.